Thanks for writing this book


I was told by my obgyn that I have UP and adenomyosis and that a hysterectomy would be a "good option" for me. It was described as a procedure that could improve my quality of life. As a young-ish mother of two small children, wife, avid runner and outdoor enthusiast, I was devastated. My gut instinct told me that I had to research what surgery really meant, and find an alternative. I began researching surgical options...after reading those books, it is very easy to start feeling that your falling pelvic organs are the enemy and surgery is the key to restoring your quality of life. I was feeling a great deal of negativity toward my own body, as if there was something grossly wrong with me and I had been betrayed. I then read your book, and was reminded of what important parts of my body my pelvic organs are. Your book brought me back home...I feel so much more positive and confident that I have what it takes to work this out. I'm recommending it to my PT, sisters, friends, etc.. Thanks so much for sharing your experience and research.

Dear Thankful,

It feels like gratitude is pouring out of my heart lately, and I thank YOU so much for thanking me. I feel so blessed to have been able to bring this knowledge to the people who need it the most.