postpartum rectocele and cystocele


I have found with my body that the uterus and bladder have both moved back up--not as high before children, but I really doubt anyone is ever as high as before children. (I know breasts certainly aren't the same! :) ) I think that my uterus and bladder are fused together as a result of the c/s. I am pretty certain there are adhesions there, so as one goes so does the other. The bladder is lower than prior to pregnancy as well. Both UP and cysto were almost non-existent during my third pregnancy once the baby got large enough to pull everything up over the pubic bone, but the rectocele was still prevelant and is still prevelant today. But you know it only bothers me if I treat my body poorly by not eating right.

The exercise Christine shows in her video that helps me put all those organs back into a comfortable place where I am not aware of them is the one on all fours where you kick your heel to the ceiling then put knee back onto the floor. I try to do it a few times a week.

I too wonder why midwifery hasn't stepped into trying to help prolapse, but in my state where lay midwives are a-legal, they have enough on their plates so I guess that's why they aren't investigating it. My midwives were very wonderful and were going to help me have a very gentle, low pushing birth, but you know what happened there. :) If not, check out my birth story. I'[ll post it seperately. And as it turned out, I followed my body and I had no further damage and today I feel better than before that pregnancy.

You are an amazing mama, such an inspiration. Thank you so much for sharing your story, and I am so glad to hear that you're feeling so good.

As for the adhesions that you mentioned, have you thought about seeing a physical therapist that is trained in visceral manipulation? It's a variation of craniosacral therapy that can be very helpful. I just had my first session with a PT today that used this technique on me and the positive difference I feel already is blowing my mind.

Your precious Ty is just 2 days older than my sweet Kaia. Aren't 5 month olds so much fun?


thank you so much for sharing you story. It gives me some hope when I'm feeling down. I don't have problems with my uterus and bladder anymore as well. It is the rectocele that causes me trouble. If you don't mind me asking, what way do you eat to help your rectocele? Thank you.

I find that eating sugary, white flour-based, high, empty carb foods create create the worst situation for my rectocele. I tend to have blood sugar issues so the very things that cause issues with the rectocele also create crashes with my energy and disposition (I get cranky). I know other women complain of meats causing issues for them, this is not a problem for my body and tends to keep my sugar levels balanced with high energy. An absolute must for my system is high fiber, high water foods such as fruits and vegetables. When I eat my 10g of fiber organic cereal, eat at least two fruits, and a couple raw vegetables, I do not notice the rectocele at all. It only bothers me when I've indulged on the wrong foods. This might get graphic and so I apologize to anyone who is offended-- The matter then gets backed up into hard balls and this causes the rectum to protrude into the vaginal area. I have difficulty with bm then and am very aware that the rectocele is there. Not fun. Oh, I forgot to mention getting plenty of water helps too when I screw up. :) HTH