The WholeWoman Project


Christine, I saw you mention this in a much earlier post. A very very important endeavor, I think. I never have heard anyone talk of the relationship between obstetric birth practices and prolapse. This is info women need.

Have you ever written an article for Mothering magazine? I would think they would eat it all up.

I know the editor, Peggy O'Mara, as the magazine is just up the road in Santa Fe. Thanks so much for your suggestion, Marie. Right now I'm planning for a Grand Opening in April (I'm going to post the invitation soon) and my eyeballs are falling out from all the writing I've been doing on the second edition of my book.

than one person can reasonably be expected to do! You are a pioneer, that's for sure.

Can't wait to hear what the grand opening is all about. I was having this fantasy last night -- that someday you would offer a Whole Woman retreat for women like us and their families where we could come an soak up some southwest sun and healing, meet you and each other, eat great and have a whoopin' good time, celes and all.

Just another thought.

I'm going to be thinking about the Mothering Magazine thing. It's a great way to reach a target audience.

Sigh me up for the "Whole Woman retreat"!!! :)

We can't wait to hear all about it. Please post some pics of the grand opening. YOu have all our support!