one step back


after a few months of not even noticing my 'celes, I've been having that dragging feeling for over a week. It started with my period, which is normal for me. Usually it lasts a day or so, this time it feels worse every day. I'm not feeling great all around, fighting something and lots of 'stuff' going on in my life right now. I know its all related, but it gets me worried. does anyone else here have setbacks? do you regain your 'normal' again? ugh. I have those feelings of hopelessness again. doesn't help that my two year old's been extra clingy and insisting that I carry him around all day, hard to maintain good posture with a 25 lb child on one hip.

I’m convinced life is always a challenge in one way or another! There must be women somewhere who sit on a cushion all day long eating strawberries, but I haven’t met them yet! The important thing is to rest when you need to, keep getting up (and stretching into the posture :-), and never let go of your dreams.

Hi Granola momma,

Just want to send you some hugs and good wishes. I am new to this and going on a rollercoaster ride myself. But I have felt so much inspiration from your posts. Your energy and spirit does transmit thru cyberspace.

Maybe allow yourself to take a good break when you need it. I know it is hard for any mom to not pick up their crying child. But it is just as important to feel good physically. Since your son is 2 yrs old maybe he can be distracted by an activity or a sibling can help play with him. I know it seems selfish but I understand your feelings of hopelessness. So sometimes it really helps me when I rest so I can recuperate mentaly and physically. When you wrote that your son is 25#, I said wow...that is like carrying a bag of rice on your hips. :)
I hope you are feeling better.

Thinking of you, sending you healing vibes.


That is so tought when that horrible equation of getting really busy, and all life's 'stuff' breaks out merges with getting really run down and the first thing that kicks in the cele's bothering us more. Then the subsequent added worry they'll go further askew!

Like most of the gals here, I've had this cycle a few times. And I suppose the good thing is i can remember these times passing and coming out the other side - each time I also think with a (little) less feeling of hopelessness/ panic on my part.

I hope this will be the case for you too and your 'normal' returns

One other thing is, I'm beginning to recognise the build up sighs and try and act preventavily. Forcing myself to stop what i'm doing, doing things to chill out and get stronger and if things don't get done as well as they should (or not at all!) well then just trying to accept that too for the long term gain.

If we keep pushing it becomes a vicous circle. As it happens, i have an exam in two days and was getting really frustrated at not understaning the information and running out of time about two hours ago. I spotted the signs of stress build up closed the books took a loooong lunch, read a trashy magazine and came on here.
My marks might go down but it's worth it.

Not that it comes easy!

I can see how for people with kids it's not exactly the same - but say maybe taking some big housework shortcuts or doing some emergency delegating to someone and returning the favour another time.

Plus maybe you can schedule some things in advance, around your period time, that would take the load off like a sleep over for your child or a nice treat like a massage booked in on one of those days.

On another note, that was very funny what
christine said about not knowing any women "sitting around eating, or was it, being fed strawberries all day". I'm gonna use that as a sorta chill out visualisation it's so great. (I may have to add in some cute (willing) man servant's and mentally photoshop me into a bit of goddess!)

Best wishes Granolamom and hang in there!

Anne helen

I'm sorry this isn't about this post. I am having troubles posting a reply. This is one of the only posts it will allow me to reply. I wanted to reply to you Christine on my post that the posture is working and it won't let me post. It says to register or login even though I'm already logged in. I clicked on other posts just to see and some of them will let me reply and some say register or login to post. This has happened several times I've tried to reply. Do you know why it is doing this???

I couldn't have said it better. I know it just seems so selfish to rest when your spouse is out working or doing extra work at home to help out and we just want to lay down. I am so glad to hear that it is ok and other women with prolapses takes breaks too.

I tried to act normal and do all my motherly duties when my bladder was evidently falling in January and it set me back even more. I didn't know that I could work thru so much pain but I trudge on b/c my kids needed me. Looking at long term gains is so hard when we feel that we have to meet the demands of our children and family.

I still have to remind myself everyday that i need to rest. It is easy to forget. But nice to know other women can validate these needs. The period times are tough! Having a cold on top of that makes my uterine prolapse more pronounced. Ugh...

So if the housework doesn't get done or my kids can't get the exact drink that they want it has to be ok. Btw, I want some whipped cream with those strawberries! :-)

thank you, mommi2three, for the hugs and good wishes.
It always helps to know that I can post here and be heard and understood by those who care.
{{{{{group hug}}}}}

thanks for the healing vibes...every bit helps!

you are so right, Anne Helen
I knew I was overscheduled and spreading myself too thin. sometimes there is no other way (our part time babysitter/housekeeper quit, two kids were sick, brother's wedding is in a few weeks and we are doing work on the house that isn't going very well) but the truth is that I should probably cut myself some slack and let the non-essential tasks go undone.
I am happy to hear that you have been through cycles like this and have come out ok on the other side. so if your prolapses get worse, it is temporary? and things return to your 'normal'? that is reassuring if that's what you meant.

thanks for your quick response and a reality check : )
I don't want to sit on a cushion all day anyways. I'd much rather be up and about...with good posture, of course!

How are you doing? Have you gotten a chance to rest up?

I am having a little set back myself. I have finally gotten over another cold the kids gave me. I think my cystocele is a little bigger and my cervix has been low the past couple of days. It seems to be touching the cystocele when i look in the mirror down there. I have alot of discomfort sitting and standing. It feels like something is sticking at me.

My sides of my vagina looks red and swollen. I am not sure what is that area called but it is the skin on sides of the urethra. Has anyone eperienced this? It feels sore and achy too.

I think you need the support of your therapist.

hi mommi2three
my cystocele is still more obvious and I think my rectocele has gotten worse too. BUT I am feeling a whole lot better in my head, largely thanks to you guys! It could be that in terms of my prolapses, they will continue to get worse even with this work. but I still will maintain that without the postural changes I've made I'd be a lot worse off. and without this site I'd probably be looking for surgery and we all know about that.

I hope your setback doesn't last too long. as far as your vaginal soreness and inflammation, I'd speak to a health care professional. sounds uncomfortable to say the least. hope you feel better soon!


could it be a yeast infection? hope you're feeing better SOON!


it's difficult to determine how we'd all be doing without the postural changes, but it really sounds for the most part that we all feel intuitively in our bodies that things would be at least as bad if not worse without the work that we're doing and that's a powerful thing. if anything it feels good to be doing something!


agggg - wrote a big post here and lost it by going backwards and trying to go forward to what i'd half written! Bah !!

The edited version so LOL

Granola mom-
nope things don't swing back and forth for me in any way. My urethra cele has been the same same ausgust. Which is sorta actually making me complacent re excercies posture etc in the last few weeks

But by being more relaxed i'm getting my sex life back (that's my excuse!! )

Mommi2 three-

so sorry about your soreness and irrititation. As someone mentioned perhaps this is a yeast infection. If so i found grapeFRUIT SEED tablets fantastic for this. Three three times a day for two days and it's gone.

But i have also been concerned about some negative things i've recently read online about grapefruit seed saying it's not so good. But 90% of what i've read about it is positive. And it works so well.

I remember liking ice cubes when i had a lot of vaginal heat from infections years ago, just rubbing them against the skin (when whetter) gave some relief straight off.

Best Wishes


Hi all,

Thanks for all your replies. I can't believe that I have the flu now. I think I need to move somewhere warm all year round. The east coast is killing me. :P

I really tried hard to brace with a kegel and bend over but i was coughing uncontrollably for 2 days and it seems to have made my urethrocele/cysto look worse. It looks like the skin is losing it's tightness in the sides holding up the urethra and bladder. I don't know how all that pressure from hacking is affecting all my other celes either b/c I can't see inside. But my whole vaginal/perineal area is sore.

Can anyone tell me how to get over these hurdles?? I have had 3 bad colds since Jan and each time things have gotten worse down there. I can't even feel the kegel when I am coughing so hard. Oye vey....Any good advice?

Just getting freaked out that the cystocele may pop out b/c it is already at the opening. Would wearing the v2 brace help during these times? thanks!

Hi Granolamom

Yeah, I can relate to that. My bladder drops for a few days every time I do a lot of coughing, or when I have a period. Or when I do some unplanned lifting or straining (we have sheep, need I say more?). And my cervix drops down with it, nearly to the introitus. Kegels hardly work at all. Very depressing, but it all goes back up again when the coughing goes away. As time goes by, I think though, that it is coming down less often, or going back quicker. It is hard to say, without setting some measurement standards and logging it every day.

I think it is worth doing something about the coughing. A couple of years of asthma really brought the whole prolapse thing to a head for me. Once the asthma was finally diagnosed, and under control (normal asthma medications didn't help) the coughing has almost gone, and I know how to stop it. I know that viruses and colds are a bit different, but the asthma always started after a respiratory virus. I now know that breathing in and out through my mouth is a major cause of my asthma. Guess what happens when your head and nose gets blocked up? You breathe through your mouth. Have a look at Buteyko breathing (google it).

Hope that gives you some things to check out. Get well.




Hope that gives you