The posture is working!


Well I wasn't sure how well the posture was working with my postpartum prolapse because I couldn't remember how bad my symptoms felt before starting the posture. I have been using the posture for about a month now. I am 9 months postpartum and got Aunt Flow today for the first time postpartum!! YUCK! The good thing is I now know the posture is helping because I have that awful pelvic pressure again (that I now remember having all the time!). Just wanted to share so that other postpartum moms have hope :)

That's great news mommynow!!! I must caution you a bit, however, that many women experience ups and downs (!) over the long run. I think the postural work will make a big difference in your condition, but it's impossible to say to what extent. I just want you to be realistic and not expect an absolute cure. On the other hand, you may find one day that it has almost resolved. What we do know is what you are expressing now...that the heaviness and dragging can improve significantly. :-)

Okay I tried for the 10th time and now it will suddenly let me reply????
Anyway, now for my reply. The only thing getting me through this is thinking that it will get better. That is what attracted me to your site. It said heal your prolapse naturally so all I tell myself is that I will heal this. Otherwise I would fall apart. It isn't the fact that I have prolapse that bothers me, it is the symptoms. I can not live with the symptoms that I had before (and still do have to some degree). Changing the position of my organs isn't as important to me as relieving the symptoms. The awful dragging/pressure is not something I could live with and if I didn't believe that these symptoms would heal, I would be very depressed. Sometimes I get confused when I read your responses because the impression I got from reading your site (first one I found with the video and book) was that I could do something about my prolapse naturally to heal but now I get the impression that I might not be able to heal my prolapse? I am confused. Was I too optimistic? I thought the posture was helping to heal and I was very excited about that :)

I was just wondering if you did any pt yet?

Hi Mommynow,

I cannot promise any individual woman that she will be completely cured of her prolapse. Some of the more extreme cases are impossible to predict and each woman, along with her team of healthcare professionals, needs to take charge of her own health and decisions. I can only listen to the many women here who, like me, have improved with this work enough to make surgery a forever-unnecessary option.

Acceptance is essential to the healing process, as is patience and a willingness to see that this is a life-long commitment to living well with prolapse. To try to answer your question as pointedly as possible, we rarely hear from women, “My prolapse disappeared”, but rather, “I hardly notice my prolapse anymore.” I don’t know about you, but that constitutes healing in my book.

I’ve written about this before and probably need to post something to this affect permanently on the site, but there seems to be a series of stages that women often go through when they come to this work:

(1) The first stage is exhilaration and relief that they have finally found an alternative “cure” as well as scores of women in the same situation.

(2) The second stage comes with the realization that it’s not as easy as it first appeared and the “cure” more elusive than thought. There is often anger and frustration at this point.

(3) The third stage happens when women continue on anyway with the postural work and begin to realize that although there haven’t been any radical changes, there are subtle hints that the body may be responding to the call of prolapse.

(4) The fourth stage is when women see that “yes!” the posture does work, but that it is neither a quick fix nor a total cure. A creative world opens up at this point as women consider all the positive changes they can make in their life to help keep their conditions stabilized.

(5) The fifth stage is acceptance and the ever-deepening joy that comes with self-knowledge and self-responsibility.

I hope this helps, mommynow. It's so important that we have appropriate expectations and I want to help clarify whenever I can.

:-) Christine

Hi mommi2three

I'm sorry but what is pt?

Thank you Christine. I like those steps you wrote out. I think I am inbetween step 2 and 3 because I am still mad/frustrated sometimes but not as much as before. I don't expect a cure but I do hope for enough healing that I can move onto the other steps. I am not at that accepting stage yet. For instance, I still feel sorry for myself sometimes because this happened so young and I think about all the woman that had another 20-30 years without it so got to do all the things I can't with their young children. I hope with your help and the other wonderful women on this site, that I can go through the steps and come a time where I can say I hardly notice my prolapse. Thank you again.

I think by this time next year you'll be feeling tons better. You're proactive, work to understand the issues, and just need to give yourself time to process the sense of loss and grief that prolapse always brings, especially to the young.

I don't know if anyone ever answered you. :-)

I think its wonderful that you are seeing results! I too, get angry that this happened to me so young. It seems so unfair sometimes. But then I start thinking (or I try to) about all the blessings in my life, and about those women who've developed POP and don't even have children to show for it.
I believe Christine is right, and with time we will move towards greater acceptance and yes, I can even believe there is joyfullness at the end of this road...thanks to the more experienced women who've been posting here.
In the meantime, celebrate the success you've seen! I will celebrate with you...we are in this together.