More common than first thought............


Well, after some questioning around family and friends re- prolpase I guess it is not as uncommon as it first seemed to me. My sister who has four children admitted to me that she has had stress incontintnce since her first child and that things feel "different" down there. She does not think this is strange, simply that it is a part of having babies. She was told after her second child that she has a mild UP. She also knows two friends who have the same, one of whom had a severe UP post partum rather like me. It mystifies me why there is not any info' about this in the pregnancy books and why on earth OB'GYN's and midwives do not mention this pre pregnancy!!?? It seems that many many women have prolpase issues albeit benign, and I wish I had at least the awareness of this before it happened. I for one will spread the word as it were, not to scare people but simply to inform them if they so wish.
Anyway, thats me for today!

As we move away from the age of surgical intervention for prolapse, PREvention will take it's rightful place and girls and young women will know the importance of maintaining a healthy spine.

I was thinking about this last night going to sleep. You know, it calls for a complete revision of physical education for girls in schools (different classes?), posture training for poise and dance, antenatal education for both childbirth and exercises, then postnatal exercises as well. I think the Whole Woman network will be busy for some time!