re: squatting for defecation...is squatting on the toilet better/worse that just lifting up off the seat and leaning over your legs? the positions are so different. or does it not matter, as long as you are not pushing against the hard toiletseat?

That is a great question! I wonder too b/c I notice that my uterine prolapse particularly aggravated when i squat. I feel like my skin is stretching in the perineal area and then i feel burning sensations in the vaginal area. I was recently squatting up and down in an attempt to cut my two toddlers' hair and i felt terrible afterwards.

So for me squatting is very uncomfortable even though i have read other sites that support nature's habits. :) I also feel like it pushes my insides to the vaginal opening. I have been lifting off my toilet seat since my rectocele presented.

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This is an important topic and I hope we get more views on it. If you go to www.naturesplatform.com you will read a hundred reasons why a full squat is best. Maybe Jonathan will start his own forum where this point can be debated ad infinitum. We really don

thanks for clarifying the squat! ur right, the full squat kills my perineal area. i feel like i am giving birth. i think the half squat is more supportive but not sure if that we can do it w/ our modern toilette facilities. :)

I think that rocking back on your feet and lifting slightly while sitting on the toilet should be sufficient enough as to not cause too much energy to flow to that area. That was recommended before on this site and I tried it. It seems to be working pretty well for me because I have noticed that while using that particular position, my sea sponge will not project out of me while having a bm! Thank God for this site as a place to share all of our very personal dillemmas! Take good care, :)

That's exactly the position I'm calling a half-squat. As far as discussing our most personal stuff...at least you guys get to remain anonymous!! :-)

ah, thank you christine. makes so much sense now. I had been squatting (like Jonathan's website shows) and truth is, things feel more stable when leaning forward.

re: full squat...I spent much of my last pg in a full squat thinking this was good for me, to prepare for childbirth, etc. It was not uncomfortable at all once my hips were used to the stretch. in fact I was in a full squat when my baby was born. now I'm thinking maybe this wasn't such a great idea, maybe all fours for childbirth, or leaning over a table with a leg up (and a talented mw ready to catch!). I'm guessing horses don't squat when they birth their young, huh? (interesting visual though)

This is such an important and interesting question. I don't know for sure, but I think we can gather some clues by once again just looking at our bones. You know that the female abdominal wall is perpendicular to the pelvis. Well, it so happens that the human bony birth canal follows that same geometry. I know you know that the bony canal has an "inlet" where the fetus first travels through, and an"outlet" where the fetus emerges from.

In apes the birth canal is essentially a straight tube. In women the long axis of the pelvic inlet is perpendicular to the longaxis of the pelvic outlet. In other words, the birth canal forces an elbow shape to the birth process that coincides with the our L-shaped torso! This requires the fetus to make multiple maneuvers during labor, something very difficult to do when the maternal pelvis is immobilized in an anatomically unadvantageous position.

The baby needs to go down and then back. The sacrum widened and hollowed to make this possible.

In a full squat, the tailbone is pulled under and it seems there might not be as much room for the turning-corner maneuvers the baby has to do. In a half squat there is all the room required. Maybe this is why so many natural birthing women choose to lean back while pulling on something stationary, like a rope tied to a post.

Hi everybody.
I gave birth to my third child who was quite big (kg. 4290, sorry not very good at maths make the conversion into pounds yrself) on all fours(in the hospital). The midwives there explained that this is the best position for large babies because all the bones of the pelvis "stretch" at their maximum.
As I am here, a few words to say things are so and so, my organs some days are well outside, I can see a red bulge sometimes even while standing, and can feel them between my legs while walking and I must be careful when sitting.
ALL THE SAME : some days are better, and for the moment I am determined in trying almost anything but surgery.
Another thing, there is one thing I can't come to term with and it is food. I am normal weight, mediterranean diet, not willing to give up my dish of pasta or bread, and unfortunately this may be the reason while the progress is so slow. I can't think of eating all organic food, seeds, and so on, I am sorry, I guess you are right in proposing a more natural food style, it's just that it is too much for me, at present. So here I am now.

Food is a very individual thing. I think paying attention to quantity and what makes the gut heavy and bloated are most important. Keep pulling yourself into the posture as much as you can.

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I said - fraele70 - how many children have you had? Was this your first?

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Hi Sue, I have had three kids, At the age of 29, 32 and 37.
I think you have already read my story, but I have pasted it hereafter. All vaginal delivery with episiotomy, fast labours (1 hour and a half after my hospital admission all of them were born), but very painful. Ask me if sthing is not clear.

"universal prolapse - my story"

Hi everybody, I can

Hi, I have read lots of comments on this subject & still unsure as to which is best. My only health issue is chronic constipation, which I found out after having a colonic irrigation was caused by lack of peristalsis. I am 61 years old, & have been squatting on toilet for years, but wondering whether the whole woman position would be better? I take magnesium citrate or have coffee enema when really bad constipation.

Hi Jenny - WW toileting technique is the most effective and safest for all women....the most protective of the pelvic organs, whether your goal is to alleviate prolapse or to prevent it altogether. It is more of a "half-squat" and I am wondering what kind of squatting you are doing on the toilet......are you completely avoiding contact with the seat? That makes it more difficult to maintain a good relaxed position when you have to push a little. - Surviving

Thanks Surviving, I mean with feet on toilet seat.