So...I haven't posted anything in a LONG time, but I would like to give an update. I was diagnosed with prolapse and pelvic floor pain after the vaginal birth of my daughter almost 3 years ago. I now have a beautiful healthy son who is 7 months old! The pregnancy was long and hard (but worth it). My pelvic organs felt heavier, and my pelvic floor pain was worse. Two weeks prior to having him, I developed SPD. I had SEVERE pain in my SI joints, pubic bone, and hips. I could barely walk. I elected to have a cesarean birth. Mostly because of the pelvic floor muscle pain and tightness (which could not be relieved by physical therapy), but also b/c I knew that emotionally I could not handle any more vaginal damage. The surgery went well and I feel fully recovered from it. The hardest part for me was dealing with the SPD postpartum. I still had trouble walking for almost 3 months after the delivery. I still have lower back/SI joint issues occasionally, but overall I actually feel MUCH better than I did before I became pregnant for the second time! My pelvic floor pain has improved drastically and my prolapse has not gotten any worse. My current theory is that I've had pelvic instability/SI joint issues for a long time, which resulted in overly tight PF muscles...which led to extensive tearing with the vaginal birth (and resultant prolapse). I don't have time to post anything else right now, but feel free to ask questions!