Hey just wanted to share my improvement. I had a stage 2 prolapse and now it stage one. My uterus is a bit dropped but it was worst around x mas time, when it was so uncomfortable to sit. THe following things have helped me tremendously

-having lots of sex
-wearing a girdle, because I feel so tight everywhere and it helps me keep in posture
-flaxseed with orange juice
-kegels, but real kegels!
- and of course telling myself everyday, "that nothing last forever" and I will go back to my old self!

Anyone else can tell me different, but I have faith in my body : )

Hi Jetz 3920

Whoa, not sure a girdle would be helpful for allowing your lower abdomen plenty of room? You might be better off wearing a corset on the top half so your belly can relax, and still be reminded to keep in posture, and get that nice tight feeling. Kegals will definitely help urinary incontinence, but haven't been shown to help support prolapses.

On the other hand, the dietary things sound great. Kegals also increase your awareness of your pelvic area and give you better control of pelvic floor muscles, and sex, well, you said it. :-) Good luck.