Ready to try firebreathing - question granolamom


Granolamom I just read a post of yours called 2 month update and it really helped me today because it sounds exactly how I feel today at 2 months pp. The cystocele is getting really uncomfortable and before the birth it was my rectocele that bothered me. Right now the rectocele is in hiding and the cystocele seems to be getting worse. I have not done any exercises or anything yet because everytime I tried something my bleeding would come back. Now I would like to try the firebreathing and exercises. Christine says to aim for 5-10 minutes twice a day for the breathing. How much and how long should I start with? Should I start doing the exercises in the video too? Also when you rest your arms on your thighs are they supposed to just touch because if I "rest" them there my shoulders go up and they are then not in the proper posture.

start slow. like maybe a min or two of the firebreathing. and see how it goes. the only exercises I'm doing now are the firebreathing a few times a week and the plie's from the book when things feel low.
my goal is to get through the whole ballet workout, but for now it is impossible as my baby #1 doesn't nap much and #2 likes to be held when he is awake. and even so I have seen progress.

so my advice is to add one small thing at a time, and when you think you're ready, add the next. do what feels right, I think your body will let you know if you are doing too much.

re: the firebreathing, so many questions about that lately. I hope I'm giving the right answers. I don't know for certain the 'right' way to do it, I can only tell you how I'm doing it.
I don't rest my arms on my thighs, my palms are on my thighs and yes, my shoulders go up and I am no longer in 'wholewoman' posture. I don't think that matters because the point is to get the pelvis in a good place, once you are bent over like that the shoulder doesn't affect the position of the pelvis.