I'm pregnant with uterin prolapse.. a little scared


Hey all,

I just found out yesterday that I am pregnant (yay!) I have two babies,
A 4 mo. old son and a 15 mo. old daughter. About four weeks after my son’s birth (he was 10 lbs.)I discovered that I had mild uterine prolapse. It's not uncomfortable, actually I really can't feel it at all most of the time, my low back bothers me some but I have scoliosis so it did any way.
I love being pregnant and have had fairly easy pregnancies. I guess my main worry is that it will get worse with each pregnancy since I am hoping to have a big family, like 10 or more, and I'm worried now that I won't be able to.
Also I'm only 21 so I feel a little like my body has let me down, and I'm falling apart... it’s a little silly I guess.
Anyway I have ordered Christine's book, and reading this site has made me very hopeful tions are:
Is it possible with the exercise and posture that it won't get worse each time?
Dose anyone know of anyone with prolapse who went on to have a lot more kids like I am hoping to do?


I don't know too many people, with or without prolapse, who've had as many kids as you are hoping to have, so I can't answer that for you.
I can tell you that my last pg did not worsen my prolapse at all (I have a cystocele and small rectocele).
It is very possible that the posture and exercises can prevent your prolapse from worsening, but of course, it is impossible to predict anything. personally, I have found that my body needs at least one year to go back to normal after a pg.