When putting on the panty girdle (with the pantyliner), lean forward and make sure any protrusion is pushed gently back inside before putting on the elastic thong on the OUTSIDE OF THE PANTY GIRDLE. You may even want to try laying down to put these on if the prolapse is bad. I must apologize and state that if you are extremely overweight this may need your own adjustment - in that case buy one in a large and insert and sew extensions in either side, or in the front to widen the thong. Don't wear anything too tight or you won't be comfortable and stay with it, remember you want to pull up not squeeze the dickens out of your midriff.

The main thing is to create a sling if you will to hold up the perenium wall (crotch). I expect to see someone take this idea and run with it. I once saw a site on the web where the woman had slung two straps over her shoulders - well we know that would certainly hold it all up but it really wouldn't appeal to any woman I know. You wnat to be normal not feel like a heffer. So if anyone out there is a great seamstress maybe you can sew the thong to the outside of the panty girdle and if it's in the same colour like black for instance it can be made into a one piece item. I'm kind of at the stage now where I'm going to try to put this together in one piece with the crotch maybe being the only double piece. Anyway just thinking out loud. God Bless you all Talk to ya later.

Thanks so much for this info, Sheda! Now that my book is done this was going to be my next project to pursue since the external support garments out there leave a lot to be desired. I was a promoter of one of them until I ordered it just to see what it was like and found it to be pretty horrible - made out of synthetic and foam. It's a pretty tricky design problem and I will look into what you have found helpful. :-) Christine