Recoverable set back?


I’m checking in for some reassurance (hopefully). I’m 39 and 12 months in to my prolapse journey. My youngest child is 10. In the initial stages of my prolapse discovery, I was constantly uncomfortable with irritation and frequent toilet trips. I didn’t feel I could live the rest of my days in that state. I had booked surgery, but cancelled it after finding this site and getting in touch with a practitioner. I adopted many of these principles and was religious in undertaking certain recommended exercises, postures, etc. I have found considerable comfort over these past few months. Slow going at first but in the past couple of months, I’d say I’ve been completely symptom free 95% of the time. That was, until earlier this week. From Monday until now, I’ve been uncomfortable down there and needing frequent toilet trips again. I believe ovulation contributed to this latest bout of the bulge as it’s often the time when I might have a day or two of mild discomfort. I’ve been on holiday leave from work these last few weeks, travelling, eating and drinking. Perhaps I haven’t been as religious as usual with my protocol? My P is due in 6 days now too so potentially there’s a hormonal ride going on that might not be helping. Any words of encouragement or reassurance? I’m feeling a bit miserable and worried that things won’t get back to how well they had been........exercise and intimacy over these past few weeks have also been very infrequent so maybe the resumption of both may assist? Back to work this week so am planning to be more diligent.

Setbacks are perfectly normal; this is not always a linear experience. A break from your normal routine often causes lapses in attention to posture, especially in the first year. This is why it is so important to train yourself to stay mostly in posture throughout the day, without having to keep it at the front of your mind all day long. And you can! Not being able to exercise is not, in itself, a trigger for a setback; because 90% of this work is just staying in WW posture. The menstrual cycle makes a huge difference in symptoms for many of our members. Concentrate on your posture and tell yourself that if you never had a setback, you would never have the chance to come back from one! We all have them. - Surviving

Argh! I just wrote a lengthy reply and it didn’t save. The crux of it was, I’m back to how I was - feeling great. Thank you for your reassurance after what had been a really tough week x