Rectocele Receding & Questions


Hi All,
I am almost a month since noticing my rectocele & still waiting for my First Aid for Prolapse DVD. In the mean time I've been doing pelvic floor safe exercises & using the posture as much as I can from what I've read on the site. My rectocele is receding out of my vaginal area but now I notice more of a lump at the perineum. Is this normal to happen temporarily as the rectum moves back where it belongs?
I am also looking for a good natural supplement for hot flashes and other menopausal symptoms, anyone try different ones and have luck with any?
Thanks :)

The organs are always moving around.....that's why they are so responsive to the WW work. We have no way of knowing exactly what is going on in your case. But I wouldn't worry about it. Try red clover tea for menopausal symptoms. - Surviving

I got a ring with support for a prolapsed bladder/ rectocele a few years ago. Recently I have been gassy! Goes away when I remove the ring. Subsides when I use a smaller ring. Today I got a sponge and will try that. Thoughts?? Feedback??

Hi bboop and welcome to Whole Woman. If you have perused our site and forum, and read the guidelines, then you know we are here to help and support women in the natural postural solution to prolapse management. This is something you won't hear about anywhere else.

You may hear from one or more members with pessary experience. Pessary use can relieve symptoms in some women if properly fitted, but will usually aggravate prolapse over time, and do nothing to help you learn to manage on your own.

If you have all of your organs and have not had any surgeries so far, then cystocele/rectocele can be managed without a pessary. This is the most common form of prolapse and is called "nature's pessary" on this site, because the combination helps hold the uterus in a favorable position.

Hope you will look around, and come back with your questions! - Surviving