Menopause relief


I started taking Femmenessence 1.5 weeks ago and noticed a significant decrease in hot flashes, night sweats and sleepless nights after only 2 days. Several days later, my hot flashes are almost non-existent! This product contains Maca, which is a natural supplement and considered an alternative to HRT. I'm SO pleased with the results, I thought I'd share so others can check it out and hopefully get the wonderful relief I'm getting.

[EDIT] I just wanted to add that I don't sell this product. If I'm not supposed to mention brands, then please delete this post. I just wanted to share this awesome relief supplement I wish I'd found months ago. :)

I'm not sure Christine would agree with you....

But I'll leave this post here for people to read and draw their own conclusions (even though it does read like an advertisement). And use the search box to look for other discussions. - Surviving