Waterpill creates insontinence


First of all this is a wonderful informational site. I have learned so much. Thank you all for listening. I have prolapse and with help here and with information and videos I am doing better. My problem with incontinence is that I do pretty well and plan to buy the Incontinence video next but when l I have to take a water pill it is awful. Does anyone know how to get water from out of your system without taking a water pill? It is so harsh and I have accidents when I take the pill. Otherwise I do pretty well, as I said. Thanks for any suggestions.

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On the Forum we can't really suggest alternate methods of removing water from your body if you doctor has prescribed a water pill. Is this for high blood pressure? Christine is a nurse and might be qualified to advise you, if you want to book a consult. That way, you might also get some of your prolapse, posture and breathing questions answered too. - Surviving

Oh my, I didn't mean to do something I wasn't supposed to do.I'm pretty new at this and I certainly don't want to do something wrong. I am going to call tomorrow and order the course to work on incontinence. My doctor DID suggest that I should take a half pill every day but I still retained too much water. So had to go back to one a day. I was just thinking that maybe there was a silver bullet that would help me with this problem. After I posted on the Forum I didn't take the whole pill for five days. BUT after 5 days, in which the incontinence was not a problem, I had gained 5 lbs. and my B/P went up. Soooooo...I am back to taking one water pill each day and lost the 5 lbs.

You did not do anything wrong in asking. But starting or stopping your BP medications is way beyond the scope of this forum. You could seek other opinions or other types of practitioners if you have issues with high blood pressure and retaining water. - Surviving

Thanks for writing back. I am back to taking my meds and now I amgoing to order a new video from WW for working on incontinence.