Question about Hemorrhoids


Hi everyone,

I was diagnosed with having internal hemorrhoids earlier today (probably as a consequence of my well documented difficulties on the toilet!)

I was wondering - do you think hemorrhoids can prevent/cause difficulty with having an effective bowel movement?

For example - can they get in the way of the 'opening' when you are trying to go? Mine aren't painful fortunately - but can they make you 'hold back' when you are on the toilet?


Dear clareb2014,
When I had them after giving birth, I used a prescribed cream which shrank them quickly.
Other than that if I have more difficulty going than usual, I use a lanolin type cream with an applicator which helps minimize any potential damage or flaring up of any potential hemorrhoids. I am careful with my diet as much as possible and drink plenty of water, and with the WWPosture and exercises I have the strength now to stand above the toilet seat in WWP and go.
Just living in WWP should strengthen your thighs enough to enable you to rock forward on the toilet seat, taking all the weight off it, while still touching it if you wish, when you want to increases pressure to do the bowel movement. Only increase pressure in this forward position - you can sit back in - between if you need a rest. I always wait until the urge is so strong there is great potential for no return....
Best wishes,
Aussie Soul Sister

The only time I got hemroids, internal and/or external was when I was constipated, had a poor diet, and constantly strained on the toilet. I used to use preparation H and tucks with witch hazel to sooth them, but these are only band aids and don't solve the bigger problem. Dietary changes and good bathroom habits go a long way in preventing flare ups with hemroids.

Thanks Aging

I think it's one of the reasons for why I get the feeling that the poo keeps 'slipping back'. It's actually the hemroids that I am pushing out of my bottom, and when I relax, they go back in.

When you had them and were trying to go - could you feel that they were there when you pushed and getting in the way?

They don't get in the way, it just hurts to go, especially if the stool is hard to begin with. Keeping your stool soft enough will help prevent further hemroids and pain with them. Tell us what changes you have made so far to help with your constipation.
Like I have said previously, I have had constipation for too many years to even count, and everything that comes with it. The only thing that could really prevent stool from coming out would have to be a blockage of some kind. If you have tried all our suggestions, which were many, and still having problems, it may be time to seek out a physician.

I have been fighting itchy external hemroids/ skin tags off and on since Christmas . Tried everything I can think of or read about. Really would like to avoid surgery if I can. I have had 2 10+ pound babies with multible episiotomies and have every kind of prolapse there is. I wear a pessary to avoid surgery my Gyno wanted me to have. After advice from Christine, It was a no brainer! Is there anything else I haven't tried/ Usual hemroid creams., apple cider vinegar, Epsom salt baths....Thanks!

I don’t know how old you are Angee, and therefore whether you could benefit from it, but I can share my experience with you.

I never had a hemorrhoid in my life before the menopausal transition. At that time my poor anal sphincter turned into a swollen mass of what I guess would be called external hemorrhoids. My very worst symptom was anal itching, just inside on the anal walls at the 4 and 8 o’clock positions. I discovered this is where the anal scent glands are located (yes, like other animals we have these too!), which I figured must be supported by estradiol, my ovarian source of which was quickly being depleted.

This is also the symptom that resolved the fastest, as soon as I started drinking a quart of red clover tea/day. Now I understand more about estrogen beta receptors and how phytoestrogens normalize many estrogen-dependent tissues in the body. The anal scent glands, btw, are almost always the site of malignant transformation in the anus. This does not surprise me given the level of horrible symptom I experienced. Farrah Fawcett had just died from this disease as I was going through my brush with “hemorrhoids”. Ever since, I have questioned how much of this condition is hormonally driven.

My favorite super-duper anti-inflammatory is chaparral salve, but it's kind of hard to come by (I make my own since it grows in our area). A second favorite is white willow bark, which can be made into a strong tea for sitz bath. Honey may help as well. However, if the problem is hormonal, you might benefit from red clover tea.

Have had hemorrhoids for many years, but post-partum was the worse they ever got, I was absolutely terrified of going to the bathroom! The nurses reassured me that my hemorrhoids wouldn't stop my poo from coming out. No straining, stay hydrated, up your fibre in take or take a stool softener and if you feel them coming out use cream and gently push them back in; salt baths help ease swelling.

I saw this post and needed to comment. Someone dealing with painful hemorrhoids probably should not be consciously bulking up their stool with extra fiber/water. This, coupled with the use of OTC stool softeners to ease the passing of these large stools, becomes a vicious cycle. Be a little more gentle and natural with your digestive system. - Surviving

HI there,
I have been having a terrible time with constipation and hemorrhoids. As a result I started taking 1/2 a tsp of Magnesium Calm in a glass of water to see if this would relax my bowel and allow things to move and to allow me to pass what feels like trapped gas high up in my rectum. It's made my movements slightly more frequent but hasn't alleviated the problems I'm experiencing. I have a cystocele which is also maybe interfering with everything because I think I was tightening the muscles in my buttocks in an effort to keep my bladder from falling out! This created sciatica in my back and right leg and I developed tailbone pain so I am now quite a mess and was crying a lot today about all of this. Everything down there feels so bizarre, stressed and tight. How have any of you been dealing with very tight and spasming muscles and what is the best way to pass gas when it seems to be trapped. I am going to start eating bran buds in yogurt tomorrow morning and skip the magnesium for starters but do you have any suggestions? I don't have huge funds to purchase programs on here but what would be the most helpful one to address some of my problems? Thank you so much for any support you can give me...I am quite distraught about these things as I have a new partner in my life and now these things are making each day rather miserable.
kindest regards

I saw your post this morning and my heart went out to you. Truly I can understand your feeling of being overwhelmed and in tears. Have you taken your concerns to your doctor with regards to all that you describe; which is overwhelming and there is no other way to describe is overwhelming, and it can take over your life when it gets you down. I have a prolapsed bladder, had a bladder repair (TVT) IBS with constipation, and urgency when I need to move my bowels. I take Fybogel twice daily, one in the morning, around 6am, and the other after my evening meal about 6.30pm. I also eat between 2-4 pears, which I find also helps consitpation. When I find myself with lots of trapped wind, I actually use Gripe water (normally used for colicky babies) I discoverd this helped for trapped wind after I had a hysterectomy. Also warm water, herbal tea, such as peppermint, three tulsi, chai, any that have warming spices. These are just a few things that work for me, and they aren't too expensive. I do hope there is something here that might help, and again I would urge you to get all things checked out with your doctor if you haven't already. I am new to this site and I am sure you will find lots of helpful information here too. God Bless You

You probably know that tightening your buttocks muscles will do nothing to help your cystocele, and at this point it's just a habit you will have to try and break. Just relax everything. Start working on Whole Woman posture. Bran buds in yogurt....I'm pretty sure if I ate that, it would GIVE me gas. Spend some time each day down on hands and knees, letting your organs fall gently into the lower belly, and feel the relief. This dynamic is what WW is able about. - Surviving

You asked what to purchase? What do you have now? I have quite a few. The fundamentals is really good and not as expensive as other. First aid for prolapse is probably the one I would buy if you can pay a bit more.

I have always had similar issues since i prolapsed. It has gotten better but I do still struggle. Massaging my abdomen helps me. I saw an arvigo Mayan massage lady several times. Also I try to eat foods that don’t cause me as much gas. Also when and how many times a day I eat matters. Find what helps
You. I also take digestive enzymes and probiotic and a peppermint gel capsule. Peppermint tea. I also use plain water to do a small enema at night often to get that last bit of stool or trapped gas out. Then I can sleep. Heat helps. A warm Epsom salt bath helps. Relaxing helps. Foam rolling helps me. So does sitting on a soft small ball to do gentle external myofascial release on my peri area. Also having a chiropractor adjust me (gently) and walking daily is a big help too.
It can be overwhelming all the sensations and discomfort and even pain of trapped gas.
Also at night I will lay on my back and bring my knees to chest with no clothing on a s this helps release gas. Also sometimes sitting up and giving a gentle tug to my left butt cheek, pulling it outward a bit, will get gas out.
I believe that whole woman posture and concepts and toileting and breathing is what helps my organs get forward enough to let has through but it’s basically a management issue still for me at this point. Massage to the abdomen helps keep circulation good and movement of daily walks helps along with the posture. My uterus is pesky and sits backwards somewhat on my rectum, though I think it might be moving forward some.. and really it’s a big job to get gas and stool around the pesky fallen leaning backwards organs I would suppose.
So I’m not totally symptom free at all, and may not ever be, but I’m not miserable all the time anymore. I have flares around my cycle and then get very down and almost PTSD about all the misery my prolapse caused me in the earlier months and years... but I don’t know any other thing to do but keep going with whole woman and other common sense and good sense health measures at this time (and I have tried a lot!)
I hope this al helps some and lifts your spirits too.
Do some breathing into your midriff in good posture as Christine teaches, it is relaxing, and it helps massage out that gas and bring balance to the pelvic muscles and alignment- which I believe helps relax those muscles that might be spasming.
I keep
Thinking of more to add. Are you completely evacuating your stool when you have a bowel movements? Make sure to use the toilet posture and techniques that Christine teaches, they work. I am not healed enough that I can always skip splinting. Very often I still need to place my hand on my peri and gently splint up and back to empty the rectum, while leaning forward to get the organs forward, my feet back by the pedestal and me raised up a bit and turned to the right. This helps it all to come out. Once I started emptying more fully with this and splinting, I was more comfortable.
If you do not have fundamentals that covers this and the posture. First aid for prolapse is a bit more money and will cover even more. Fundamentals is very specific on the toileting, even a bit more than first aid for prolapse... it took a bit more specifics for me to catch on. Also I had to start being willing to push up a bit on my peri area and accept that that may be my new normal even if not ideal.

Also I like the way fundamentals teaches the breathing and also blossom series too. The first aid for prolapse does not use the newer terminology of breathing into the midriff and I’m sure that does not make it obsolete,but for me something really clicked better when I went with the more specific instruction of breathing into the midriff.

I hope something of this is helpful. Have a blessed day.

Oh another thing, do spend time sitting cross legged in posture. That helps me. And also on my knees with my bottom resting on my heels. That does help.

I just read some of your previous posts. I see now that you are brand new to the concepts and likely don’t have any materials. Your biggest bang for buck would be first aid for prolapse. I can’t help but love fundamentals too though so if that is truly all you can afford start with that and then save up for FAFP.

I too had awful tailbone issues at earlier time with this. It’s been a long path for me. Be Gentle with that area. You could even take castor oil and spread all around the lavatory ani muscle which wraps around the anus, then get down on elbows and knees and have a small heater warm your rear while the castor oil is on. It’s a castor oil pack of sorts, something I have used a lot. Arnica infused oil as well is very helpful. You likely have some imbalance and instability in your pelvic girdle. Christine’s posture belt might help. I do not have it but In times past I made my own out of cloth and wore a faja as her posture belt is meant to be worn. I think it did give some good support to my SI joint and my ligaments. Be very careful and it must be lower in front than back and this is probably a bit of an advanced idea for you just yet seeing as how I don’t think you have grasped the posture.
But there is hope and I hope you can buy some materials.

Welcome to the forum, some good tips on here! I especially appreciate the help with trapped gas, as I have not experienced this issue and never really knew how to help.

Your post captures a lot of truths about the WW work. Few of us will ever be symptom-free all the time, but understanding the nature of prolapse and what affects it and how it can be managed goes SO far in eliminating the fear from our lives. I can't tell how long you've been doing all this....just stay the course. Changes happen slowly over time, and there will be setbacks and aha-moments. Continue to listen to and trust your body. Hope to hear more from you! - Surviving