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Hello Louiseds,

I was looking for information regarding retroverted uterus in the forum and I read a few of your posts. It seems that you also had this problem and managed to resolve it. I think I also have a retroverted uterus. I will see my gynecologist late April. I have had problems with bowel movement which gets worse two weeks into my menstrual cycle, which I think it is when uterus enlarges. The only way I can have a bowel movement is to splint from inside the rectum (apologies for going into embarrassing details). I can't do it any other way. My GP diagnosed me with prolapse due to this and other symptoms that I had (pressure while standing and urinary incontinence). I have assumed the posture and have bought the book and DVD. I read that it took a few years for you to overcome the problem. My question to you is where there any specific positions and exercises that particularly helped your situation? This thing has completely taken control of my life. I spend so much time on the toilet trying different position hoping that something helps shift the uterus up a bit, but nothing seem to work and I am exhausted. Do you have any advises for me to speed up recovery process? is there anything I can do manually to push the uterus forward a bit? I can't imagine living like this for a few years. I will probably end up having a liver disease or colon cancer :(
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Hi Hopeful

Yes, I am pretty sure my uterus ended up upside down, as retroverted as it it possible to become, because during perimenopause and several years prior to that, my cervix came out of my posterior vaginal wall and pointed straight upwards towards the roof of my vagina, indicating to me that it was jammed down between my vagina and my rectum, and upside down. Your symptoms sound very similar to mine while I was menstruating.

It really became very uncomfortable during perimenopause, and I experienced very heavy night time bleeding for about five nights, rather than heavy day time bleeding that I was used to for the first three days. I am not sure why. It seemed that all the discomforts of my menstrual cycle, which had been relatively minor until then, blew up during perimenopause. So it is really hard to tell whether it was the retroverted uterus or the stage of perimenopause which was the primary problem.

Several years prior to cessation of menstruation, and after I had done some heavy physical work over a period of about six months, my prolapses had me feeling irritation and pressure on the left side of my vagina and vulva. They suddenly came down further, but at the same time, evened up, so that I no longer felt the irritation on the left on a continuous basis. At that point I had been doing WW posture for several years and had experienced enough improvement to be happy to continue with it. I think this is when my uterus flipped forwards, maybe because it had shrunk, was no longer squashed down by my intestines, and was able to get past my sacrum and move freely. My prolapses then progressively improved further until they were better than ever.

After that I realised that it was coming out of my anterior vaginal wall and pointing straight outwards for the first time ever. My night time bleeding lessened and my periods became less painful, and shorter.

Perimenopause? Maybe. Anteverted uterus? Maybe. Both? Probably.

I think it was mainly the posture, but I had already realised that getting my butt up into the air would take the pressure off my vulva and reduce my menstrual discomfort. I also kind of developed 'jiggling' which you can search for. This helped to jiggle my pelvic organs back inside my body and forwards.

I have never worked out on a regular basis. I do a bit of firebreathing. It has just been constant , subtle improvement since about 2003.

Initially I had to splint, as you describe. It seemed like TMI at the time but it was a useful tool to have up my sleeve. Once I got the constipation under control I never had to do it more than once every couple of months. I haven't done it all all for about a year now.

Splinting is not TMI here . There is no TMI here. You can ask *anything*! You can blush about your questions behind your monitor and nobody will ever know!

Heaven help me if I ever stand for Parliament. Just about every TMI question I have answered is out there to be found by Google! Thankfully I am never likely to stand for Parliament. I would rather give politicians a hard time from outside the system! ;-)

Perimenopause sucked. All that kept me going was the knowledge that it gets worse, then gets better, then menstruation stops. Once menstruation stops the uterus no longer swells and shrinks. I did find for a couple of years after menopause that I felt constantly premenstrual, as if my body was trying to menstruate, but that eventually went away, and left a constant relative calm, which has continued, with only a bit of hot flashes every now and again.

Yes, I still get symptoms occasionally, but they are not major enough for me to say that prolapse is affecting my life in any major way. Every time I do something wrong, and feel prolapsey for a day, I learn something else about using my body correctly. It is very much a way of life for me that I find quite acceptable.

I know that keeping my body stretched up tall, with my belly relaxed and my pelvis tilted forward, and my hips and spine flexible, I am investing in my health in many different ways.

Hope that answers your question.


I read another one of your posts the other night and wondered if you had tried the elbows and knees position before going to the bathroom?
I'm guessing you probably have the urge right? When that happens get down on elbows and knees and breathe deeply- maybe for a few minutes- then see what happens when you get up.
I'm worried that it's not just your uterus blocking the intestine and that you might want to do a defecation study to really be sure there is not some other blockage....