Fire Breathing

Hi Ladies,
I'm waiting for my "First Aid for Prolapse" DVD & still searching the internet all day for things to work on while I wait. I came across a thing call Hypopressive Exercise that looks very intriguing. Have any of you heard of it or tried it? Is it similar to this?
Thanks for any & all feedback.

Pelvic prolapse

Healed by WW now PT setback :(

Hi all! So just a update I prolapsed (2nd degree) Rectocele & Cystocle two weeks after the birth of my 1st son. I started slowly walking & moving in WW posture and worked with WW Sara Morman for a couple months. I’m 11 mouths PP now & up until a couple days ago I felt completely asymptomatic. I have TMJ issues (wear a oral appliance ALF) my new dentist wanted me to see her PT for some neck therapy. All was going great with him until two days ago when against my better judgement I did a couple side planks, glute, & inner thigh exercises laying down.

Anti Inflammatory Diet


I just had a repair after my hysterectomy (I have rectocele and my insides literally came out during projectile vomiting). The hysterectomy was 3 years ago. I was reading about healing and there was a statement about anti inflammatory diet helping healing. I have been unable to find the diet on the site and would like to know if there is one that is recommended? Thank you.

New Member With Rectocele

Hi Ladies,

Nauli confusion about direction


I am working on this exercise and am confused about the counter-clockwise part. Im not so good at working out this direction in my body. It would help if I had an idea of how the rotation movement starts. Is it with a movement of the upper belly muscles to the left to get the counter-clockwise movement?

Diarrhea toileting

I have diarrhea due to colon inflammation, it’s irritated from too mich prune. I eill be seeing a doc but not till Wednesday, not explosive diarrhea It trickles down into my prolapse. I am having trouble eliminating it. Any suggestions? I have been squatting a lot to get it out but im worried that is going to cause me other problems and trying to posture on the toilet isn’t giving me results. I can’t eat more fiber because of the colon problem. On a brat diet.

Any advice is appreciated as i am contemplating an er to empty the prolapse if it gets too full



Really would like to tone my abs in a pelvic floor friendly way? Can anyone give me some tips? I can’t do nauli at this time & firebreathing is not helping me (probably doing it wrong) I used to love ballet and read that there is a whole woman ballet video or something? Where Can I find this? X

bladder hurts

After I get up in the morning and have my coffee , then I eat breakfast and have a diet coke .
the rest of the day I have pressure in my bladder. It feels like I have to p all the time. After I go to bed and have been in it for a while it stops hurting. Can anyone tell me if they have had anything like this.
thank you. Tessyellow.

Pelvic prolapse/cystocele

I want to know that a person who never had sex or babies can still get cystocele?


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