Care of Prolapsed Uterus

I have a greatly prolapsed uterus which is showing some stress in the cervix area. I had it last summer and was able to take care of it with the recommended organic honey. I have a little bleeding with it. The very sad thing is that I am reticent about going to a doctor as I know that they will recommend surgery. That happened last summer. I wonder if anyone has had this problem and knows of any additional help other than the honey -- soaking or sitz bath? I am wearing the fem support brace (have forgotten the name) today which feels helpful.

Painful urethrocele post pregnancy

HI there,

I am 5 months post pregnancy. I have a urethrocele that is quite painful. It hurst to wipe and to have intercourse. It burns when irritated. I feel like intercourse pulls it out more.

I have had a cystocele after my last pregnancy but it did heal. That never hurt me though. My midwife checked me and she couldn't feel any prolapse except for seeing the urethrocele. She says it is at the door of the vagina but no signs of a cystocele anymore.

Atrophy Concerns

I recently had a UTI which took two rounds of antibiotics to clear up. Since that time I have had symptoms that made me think I might have the start of prolapse. When I visited my
midwife, she said the pelvic floor looked good, but I did have "mega atrophy." We discussed option, coconut oil, compounded estrogen cream etc. I have also read about using honey.

Vaginal infection

Hi friends

I last accessed this life-changing site four years ago when looking for help with prolapse issues. I worked hard to re-learn how to stand, walk and run properly which addressed the prolapse in four weeks, and started drinking red clover tea which helped alleviate menopausal problems like hot flashes, disrupted sleep and vaginal dryness. I have been singing Whole Woman's praises ever since to family, friends, and my family doctor.

rectocele & cystocele,still

30/4/16: Hello, I have not written here for a few years. I am 82 yrs. young, ballroom dance on ce a week and quite active even though I have other bone problems etc. etc. I am still suffering this burning & itching sensation, mostly about once a week. I have tried honey as I once read here and all types of ointments, vaseline, penaten(baby's ointment and tried inserting 1/2 of an anusol suppository. I have seen a top specialist at Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto here. a few years ago but also see my regular gynocologist.

Burning7iritation of anus area.

Prolapse Only During Period?

Hello. I'm new here but found this page while googling vaginal prolapse. I'm trying to see if this has happened to anyone here or anyone has heard of it. I'm 37, no children and when I get my period ( which luckily is light and 2 days long ) , I noticed that it seems like part of my vaginal wall collapses. This only happens during my period and maybe for a day or two after it ends. It feels like just a bunch of wall tissue is puffy and like hangs down ( but not out ) of my vagina. I can press it back up into place but then it kind of pushes back down.

Using tampons

A big hello! I have had a rectocele for about 20 years, I've had three children vaginally. Just recently I was walking and working in my yard and thought I felt my tampon edging out of position, but when I checked to my shock, this little pouch is now trying to extend out of vaginal opening. I am so glad I found this sight, and will put into practice all I learn here. I am an RN and have been doing "Kegels" faithfully for years. Now finding out that it was hurting the situation. Thank you so much just didn't know if I should stop using tampons until this gets better. Pads are the pits.

Proplaspe help

Hi all, I had my 2nd child 4 months ago. And a month ago I discovered I had a bump or ball if that's how you can describe it. It looks like a Cresent and it comes out when I do strength. I saw my midwife and she said that happens when you have children. And said to do kegels. I am soo depressed. I have no pain no symptoms. What can I do..

Do I Have Prolapse?

Hi everyone, I am new to this site....came across it trying to figure out why I am experiencing pain during intercourse. One of the potential causes was a fallen uterus. This got my attention because my doc has told me that my muscles are weak from giving birth to 4 children. I dont having anything pretruding out but I do notice that when standing for long periods of time, my vaginal area feels like gravity is literally pulling it down. Its very uncomfortable, sitting does help to relieve it.


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