2 procedures

Has anyone had an office procedure called Saline infusion sonogram with an endometrial biopsy. This is what my doctor wants to do after my second outbreak of bleeding. I am very nervous about this procedure. Thanks

Pelvic pressure due to pregnancy or worsening prolapse

32 weeks pregnant. Finally saw a physiotherapist who checked me out. She said that it was minor and that yes my vaginal wall had loosened but by about 0.5 cm, whereas she is used to seeing 2-3 cm, so that's good. She had me flex as if stopping gas from passing and tuck in my belly, which I was able to do. She suggested I do 10x 3 reps of these per day until the end of my pregnancy, to maintain what muscles I have and then post partum I could work on strengthening.

Prolapse worse on some days


I have a question about why my bladder prolapse seems to be so much worse some days and almost gone the next.

I have downloaded First Aid for Prolapse which has put my mind at ease since my prolapse happened 4 weeks ago. I know I can get through this but it's still very daunting.

I'm just so perplexed why the bulging can be so severe some days. It's very distressing. I have a 9 month old baby and also a 4 year old at home with me and can't spend much time on the exercises at the moment but I am really trying hard to correct my posture all day.

vaginal bleeding

Hello, I had a episode of vaginal bleeding back in December of 2016. I have been diagnosed with atrophic vaginal and my doctor said it was coming from that. Tests were done and everything came back normal.

cant find luise story

Can you put a link?

Sudden change and now I am here.

Hi! I have just come from the Gyn and he dx a within normal range prolapse & cystocele for someone my age (48) who has had five children. His suggestions: get to use to the feeling and try to live with it, or have a hysterectomy. He said no amount of physio is going to change anything.

After cycle dryness and burning and swollen feeling

Every month after my cycle my vagina tends to feel swollen, it burns a bit, feels dry, and is overall a distinct kind of uncomfortable. I have prolapse but these symptoms seem to be distinct to the time after my bleeding stops each month. I did try honey for quite some time in the past and it did not seem to be what I needed to help these sympyoms. I have tried herbs that seem to help with low estrogen and that does help with this some. Does anyone else have this? It feels almost like it is more the entrance to the vagina than inside. There is an irritated, dry, burning, feeling.

6 Month pp Update - sorry it's so long!

I personally love reading updates as people move through this work so I thought I'd start my own update post.
I hesitate to put it in the success stories just yet (don't want to count my chickens etc) but I feel like this is the place for it.

Loss of sensation

I am new to the forum and am terrified. I have been battling bladder prolapse and rectal prolapse which has worsened from coughing when I got the flu. I can feel the bulge at the opening of my vagina but i also seem to have lost some of the sensation in my bladder. I do have sensations but not as strong. I do not want surgery. I am afraid there is no hope for me. I am 60 years old and pretty healthy otherwise. I am going to order the program and start the postures but I need some hope tonight. Is there anyone that had a bad prolapse that improved and went on to have a quality of life?

Advice needed - prolapse and new Mum



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