Wetness from uterus/cervix prolapse.


prolapse & bladder issue

Hi. I have been managing my prolapse fairly well for quiet some time now, but lately I have had the sensation of needing to go to the bathroom repeatedly. I know I over did it outside last sunday, but this almost feels like some kind of a nerve issue. My prolapse hasn't actually hurt before, but now is giving off weird sensations. Anyone else have anything similar and how have you dealt with it? Thanks for any info.

Mild exercise induced prolapse I think?

Good afternoon Everyone -

I am so glad I found this resource. Here is my story.

Maybe a Little Bit of Added Support / Assistance with Staining


Well, I am spending much time learning here! But, also I am being an online determined shopper. Mission to find things that might ease my journey.

So, here goes:

Has anyone tried these?


V2 Supporter - more talk


I've been looking on line at the V2 again. I found this site this a.m., so thought I'd just mention it. (I've never ordered from this place; but considering online as I won't be able to buy it locally or find many miles from me)

Today, this website says it is on sale for $47 (regularly $60+) and it also says "free shipping" (but no order minimum requirement that I saw). I don't know of any reviews for this particular web store.


Prolapse and terrified...


Vaginal Moisture

In prior years (I don't remember how long ago or how long I used it), but I liked this certain product. I don't even remember how I learned about it or where I bought it.

The other day, I found an almost empty jar in the back of a cabinet. The product is still available and it has some very good reviews.

It is now called Vital "V" Wild Yam Salve by Moon Maiden Botanicals. Available on-line at numerous sites. Thus, it has wild yam in it. (bad?)


Soft Heals


Another plus for posture. I notice I don't have dry, cracked heals anymore. I must have really been on my heals. The posture is better than any heal cream.

Pregnant 7 monthsPP with mild rectocele and cystocele. Help

Hi all

I just found out that I am pregnant at 7months PP with a mild rectocele and cystocele. What do I do?I have thoughts of aborting as I am very scared things will worsen but my family and friends are against it as they can't understand my fear. Please give me advice all. I am very terrified.

Palpating to feel the pubic bones?


How does a lady palpate to feel the pubic bones underneath herself?

The ASIS is found easily upon sitting down and the tailbone is obvious. When one sits, she can feel her ASIS and tailbone and then observe that those three points stay on the same plane upon rising.

What about palpating to find the pubic bone? The symphisis is under a female? If so, how can she observe this?

Bone is felt in the lower front of the pelvic region at the pubic hair line beginning (more or less). What bone is that in the lower front?



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