Upright Go


Hi. I am new to this form. I have all 3 types of prolapse. I purchased Christine's book and several dvd's. I've been working on my WW Posture and all 3 of Christine's Yoga dvd's. I started firebreathing as well.
I have noticed improvement...
I was having difficulty knowing if i was keeping my posture all the time... especially while sitting.
I seen this upright go by apple posture corrector and purchased one.
I must say it has really helped me know if i am slouching and i can fix it right away!!

"Also I have a question about WW walking?

Problems with urethra after bladder prolapse

Hello. It's been a while since I posted and I don't know if I'm doing it in the right place. I hope so. Anyway I had a prolapse about 3 months ago and thought it was uterine but as it turns out my bladder is the bigger issue. Im practicing WW posture and exercises. I started the red clover tea but it gave me headaches so I had to stop. I looked up the side effects to the tea and it said not to consume if you gave migraines. Which I do. Chronic. Anyway my real problem is this. Since the prolapse I have developed an irritation in my urethra (or pee hole to be more specific.

Acid reflux


Hello everyone.
I was reading through the forum and found some posts regarding acid reflux where people are using elevated pillows and damaging their posture and pelvic organs
I am here trying to repair my own prolapse but I can definitely give people some advice on acid reflux.
I have suffered from acid reflux and many other digestive issues, constipation was one of them which I believe along with the bad posture gave me this rectocele. I have used an elevated acid reflux pillow for some. 3-4 months..

Internal hemorrhoids?

Hello, I believe I have a Cystocele and have had since after first delivery in 1979. I have had 4 births, all natural and all 8-9 lb babies. I have been having problems with internal hemorrhoids and wondering if anyone else has experienced this problem. I didn't realize that was the problem until about 1 1/2 yrs ago. It seems to be getting progressively worse and causes rectal bleeding nearly constantly.

Postpartum and rectocele is grazed?

Hi everyone, it's been a long time since I have posted as things have been so well managed with WW posture and dads etc. However, I am 6 months postpartum with my wonderful second child and my rectocele is pretty intense, is right at the opening and I'm having to splint every BM. I have not been concerned about this as I know it will improve with time and work but I have noticed two raw 'grazes' along the rectocele that are quite sore and angry and also freaking me out. I had a look and there are two tears along the rectocele. Is my defect so thin that it will tear right through?

Cystocele pp / Lifting and breathing

I’m 29 with my first baby. I had natural birth, no tears and only 2,5kg baby. I thought I was all clear. 2 months pp I realized I was not ok. I had mild pelvic inflammatory disease (uterus infection) for 2 months. I was too tired to notice the symptoms. I ate lots of antibiotics with no help.

Urinary incontinence

When I need to quickly get to the bathroom, a feeling comes into my vagina like the feeling of a climax is building. Why is that?

Is sitting this way WW approved?


I've found that when I'm working (office job) I want to shift positions as the hours go by (as well as get up every hour or so!)
but I find myself falling into this sitting position often and I *hope hope hope* this position is ww approved.
I want to say that my pelvis is tilted forward, i'm not sitting back on my tailbone, lumbar curve is in place and chest stays lifted... so far so good.
but i'll try to describe it - i sit with my right leg down, foot on the floor or heel hooked onto the bottom part of the office chair, toe pointed into the floor.

Cystocele or pubic bone 28

hello please somebody help I am very confused. I am sure that I have a rectocele, no I cannot feel any bulge of it but there’s definitely fullness and tightness in my vagina which came after the day I strained on toilet and felt a lot of pain and preassure in my vagina and anus. Also since then I haven’t been able to evacuate all at once muscles of the anus contract before I am done and I am having to thrice a day

True Whole Woman shape of cervical spine ?


I realize that medical books teach that the human spine is to be an “S” shape whereas Whole Woman teaches that the true anatomical shape of the spine has less of a thoracic curvature and more of a lumbar curvature, especially in females, due to the greater number of wedged vertebra.

My question is in regards to the cervival spine. Are there any differences in what the medical literature would teach as normal cervival spinal shape as opposed to what Whole Woman would teach is the true anatomically correct shape of the human cervical spine?


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