first pessary issues to solve...suggestions?

Hello all,
Just got my first pessary yesterday for prolapse (bladder grade 1, uterus grade 2, rectocele grade 2-3) . It felt great the after the Dr. inserted it and was easy to remove later that day. However, when I got home from Dr. visit, I checked how things looked with a mirror and was surprised and disappointed to still see the rectocele unchanged and just as visible as ever. I was expecting the pessary to push everything back in and up. Was that an unrealistic expectation? Does the pessary only push up the bladder and uterus, not the rectocele?

my story so far

I joined the group a couple of weeks ago and have been waiting for the Saving the Whole Woman book to arrive in the post. I have it now and will be starting to read it soon.

Just newly diagnosed

Today I feel defeated. Exhausted from years of bladder issues. Diagnosed with a bladder cystocele. I'm tired. Discouraged. Hiding on my couch.

Interesting video


i hope its ok to share this....I just came across it when looking at Christine's bike video. I'm not sure the sitting instruction is very helpful but the rest of it is pretty interesting and it includes some good pictures of proper posture!

Fear for the future

I have watched the post hysto content and am practising the posture and exercises. I am a yoga teacher and am bringing this new found awareness of softening my belly. I actually felt quite faint when i watched the post hysto info. The fact that i am so vunerable now can feel very worrying and then i remember that worry and fear are not going to help me and i am far more useful to be positive. My prolapse is back now and it seem the back wall of my vagina has collapse down and so my anus is moved forward also.

Prolapse: Bladder and uterus

Hi. I am 65 years old and new to this site. I was diagnosed with a prolapsed bladder a stage 3-4 (1.5 centimeters out) and uterus a centimeter from vaginal opening. I was scheduled for surgery for anterior repair and hysterectomy on August 1st. A week prior to surgery I got cold feet, decided I didn't want to give up my uterus and canceled it.

Newly diagnosed at 28 years old

Hello :-) I have recently been diagnosed with a cystocele and rectocele, grade 1. I am only 28 and never had children. I am yet to have issues with incontinence, and bowel movements aren't too much of an issue right now (obviously not as easy as they used to be), but I have a bulge from both with going to the bathroom and I have a pressure discomfort after standing for a period. I'm a bartender so this is proving an issue. I also have a growth on my right ovary, possibly a cyst (waiting for the ultrasound). Sometimes I have a burning like pain my vagina, feels like it's at my cervix.

New here & Physical therapy

Hello! I'm new here. I have just started physical therapy for my prolapse. I think it's my bladder. I don't leak ever. But there's a bulge and when looking with a mirror it's there. But then other times it's not there at all. And there's no rhyme or reason to why sometimes it's there or not. When I go see the PT she says I don't have one that showing. She believes me it's just not noticeable when I'm being examined. So I have a lot of exercises I'm supposed to do to help strengthen. I have told her I feel like sometime they seem like they are making it worse.

How do i find my old post

Hello, i was given some advice on my first post which i wanted to go back too, unfortunately it doesnt seem to be available? Could anyone help me locate it please. My title was 'i wish id found you sooner'. Thankyou in advance.

need advice re how WW exercises will impact back pain

I am thinking about buying the dvd's and book to try the program for prolapse.
But from what I understand the posture and relaxed belly are the opposite of what seems to help my lower back pain. I tend to tighten my core and hold in my belly when lifting or sitting or walking and when I do my back feels much better. I am worried that the posture of WW might aggravate my back. So before I invest in this program I would like to understand more about others experience with this.
thank you


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