Whole Woman Posture Belt!

Hello Everyone,

After a long journey through the production and manufacturing process, we are proud to announce the arrival of the Whole Woman Posture Belt! Imagine a supportive belt that tips you into WW Posture and keeps you there!

I hope you love it!

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First off, I'd like to say I love this forum. I have started some exercises and stopped holding in my stomach, putting my ears over my shoulders, and maintaining curve in lower back! It feels like it is helping me. I have rectecele.

I'd like to know if jogging and weight lifting (nothing crazy) is good for maintaining healthy pelvic floor.



new- trying to find answers and real solutions


I am brand new to this forum. Never been on a forum before either... ok- many firsts.
The first I am not so keen on is the uterine and bladder prolapse. It is pretty severe. Meaning my cervix is something I never thought I would see, and now encounter multiple times a day. And I need to wear liners all the time now-even to bed, or I will have to change from leaks....
I have tried a pessary ( fell out.. nearly in an outhouse if you can imagine the comedy in that!)

Describe your rectocele

I was hoping to hear about your experience with other woman and their rectocele. The internet does not provide much information on the look/feel/location and size.

My rectocele is right at the vaginal entrance and can range from a large grape to a little smaller than a half dollar (I believe depending on how much I go around feeling).

I was wondering if my rectocele could potentially come out of the vaginal opening, or if it is pretty common for it to stay where it currently is at.

Rectocele/Overwhelming Anxiety

Hello :) I am new here, however have been reading quite extensively over the last couple of days.
I am not sure if this is the current Forum to post in, forgive me ahead of time if it is not.

Utreine Fibroids

What new research if any is being done to cure uterine fibroids. Not including the same methods, which are ineffective.

Firebreathing question


A question for the more experienced people here: Is there a recommended way to stand up after firebreathing? When I feel my cervix protrude, I do firebreathing and jiggling, and my cervix slips back inside. Then I stand up and my cervix slides out again. So I wonder if I'm doing something wrong (or failing to do something right) as I stand up. I'll appreciate any thoughts or ideas that you have about this -- thanks in advance!

Hemorrhoids - Surprise, surprise!

Hi. I am a brand new Whole Woman! I found this website just 4 days ago and am going through the information and videos. I have had hemorrhoids and a POP for about 10 years. Both of which have worsened over the years. I have refused all surgical suggestions and have continually looked for natural cures or resolutions. What I want to say in my first posting is about hemorrhoids.


I have looked up and read previous posts regarding this on the forum. 5 months postpartum and had a "2nd degree tear" that opened and again was restitched at 1 week out and yet was not completely stitched up (1 cm left open -not sure why -and healed apart), also the restitched part is kind of webbed. I went to an OB to discuss having this repaired as it annoys me as I can feel the skin opening all the time, and it also makes me feel bad emotionally.


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