Hi all,

My 86 year old Mum has to get up about 4 times every night to pee. She was put onto amitriptyline hydrochloride 10 mg. Before this she was getting up 6 -8 times nightly.

Has anyone any suggestions to help with this please?


With Christine's helpful information videos, books etc I have been successfully managing an uterine prolapse for 10 years. Last year I had a colonoscopy and shortly after my Dr. told me I had a small rectocele that was causing pressure on my rectum. I was not conscious of this before my colonoscopy,but felt rectal pain right after. I wanted to find more information on this subject and when I found it in the forum I could not access the comments.

Lichen Schlerosus

Hi in 2005 I had a hysterectomy and I also had my ovaries removed. I've been on Elest solo HRT since. In 2013 I have began getting vulval sores and was diagnosed Lichen Schlerosus. I used Clobetasol cream which improved things a lot but never completely cleared it. The LS caused vulval adhesions which were operated on in Oct 18. The adhesions are now back only 6 months later. I've been given Nerisone and Estrogen cream and the NHS can't see me for 3 months.

4 years

Hello, I'm new to this forum, but I've been using WW posture for about 4 years now to manage prolapse that occurred shortly after my fourth birth. A friend pointed me to First Aid for Prolapse, and that's helped me so much.

Anyway, I just wanted to say Hi and Thank you for all the education and work, Christine! I'm going through the Joy of Menopause class now and just learning so much!

Lovely to be here

Huff Post article on "pelvic floor"

Hi WW!

Check out this just-published article on France's response to female prolapse, and my response in the comments section:


Urge incontinence


Hi all
I sometimes struggle to get to toilet in time to urinate. Sometimes fine, other times just make it.
I do whole woman kegels, just wondering if squats & lunges would help? Any other suggestions welcomed. Thanks

Kneeling Chairs

Hello everyone. I'm new here and happened to come across this forum while looking up the different ways people who sit for extended hours deal with persistent lower back pain issues.

I'd be happy for anyone to tell me their personal experience with a kneeling chair. I've been hearing all this buzz about them lately and not sure if it's all hype or if they can really help with lower back pain.

Your help is more than appreciated!

How to blow up a balloon without worsening prolapse?

Hi, I did a search on this topic and found a mention of somebody having trouble after blowing up many balloons, but the topic wasn't really the focus of the thread. Since using WW posture, I have trouble blowing up balloons and when I do manage to blow up a balloon I can feel my prolapse worsen. Is there a safe way to brace or position to hold while blowing up a balloon? It is something that comes up every so often when you have kids, so I'd love to know how I might do it safely. Thanks!


I'm confused! Do I always draw air into my body through my nose? And always let air out through my mouth. Why?
Do I sometimes point my tail up away from my body? Or sometimes tuck it back under my body.
Could I do the Elder Prolapse video more than once a day/ Maybe 3 or 4 times a day? I wish I had seen this group of women sooner than I did. If I had started a couple of years ago my body would be so much better. Well, on the other hand, I am thankful we met when we did.

Vaginal honey and chemo induced vulva inflammation

I started chemo 3 days ago and last night found I had inflamed vulva and looks like yeast, although mild. I bought local honey from church with their own hives and started using it as well as spray of grocery store acv and filtered water. How often is safe to apply this? I have uterine prolapse and normally get great support from a cube pessary but I did not wish to try to wear it today. I had no issue with vulva health prior to chemo. Never needed anything and was secreting normally. Please let me know if I should apply the honey more often.


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