Success after set back

I had a set back last month. I had been sitting without full lumbar curvature a lot. I thought I was doing well because I was sitting on the floor a lot, but I wasn’t sitting on a cushion and was not able to get a full lumbar curvature. I was very fatigued and unwell last month because of stress and overwork. I spent a lot of time lying down too. I gave up my daily posture walks. So many of my symptoms started to return. I immediately started floor sitting using a yoga bolster as a thick cushion and added a pillow to my chair so as to tip me forward a bit so I could sit in posture better.

Using Honey still got a UTI

I have been using honey for uti's for about six weeks a little dab a day. Been using manuka honey. Yesterday I was on fire. I tried the vinegar and water and was still burning. I went to the clinic and the doctor said i had a 50-50 chance of a uti. The lukelytes were positive. Sending it out for a culture. She gave me antibiotics and a yeast tablet. I came home and used some antifungal cream and the burning subsided. How long does it take for the honey to work.Does anyone have any suggestions. I have been getting frequent utis since menopause. Thank you

The third wheel


Hi ladies, I have the first and second wheel yoga dvds but I would like to buy the third wheel and can only find it as part of a bundle. Is it possible to buy it separately? Many thanks!

Babies after prolapse

My husband and I have a 13 month old, we adore him so much! Unfortunately, I now have a cystocele...grading varies but at its worse I have bulging itch heaviness (grade 3?). So frustrating to have to deal with this at the age of 30 already, some days are harder than others to mentally deal with it. I try to practice WW posture as my “norm.” I am getting back in to exercise and have started learning what I can and cannot do. I would ultimately like to be able to run again (short distance, 1-2 miles) but our FIRST goal is to have another child.

Doing massage therapy with prolapse

I recently discovered I have a prolapse. I'm 61. I thought it was uterus but now I wonder if it's bladder. Or both. My doctor said it was uterus and she also felt my bladder. Anyway my question is about my work. I do massage therapy. I am trying not to bend over as much as possible. But it's impossible not to some of the time. Also it's difficult to give pressure without bending over. I try to remember to bend at the hips and not hunch over. Is my work going to inhibit my ability to reverse the prolapse. I'm very new at this (about two weeks) and am trying to get the posture right.

19 Year Old With Prolapse Needs Help

Hello everyone, I am SFGiantsGirl and I am 19 years old. Ever since I was 12 or 13 I noticed a bulge in my vagina that was sometimes there sometimes not, and never a problem. Now I am 19 and in January had another UTI and was very sick. I had an incident in which I was straining on the toilet, diarrhea, and vomiting. After that fateful day everything started to hurt down there. Every time I go #2, my bladder hurts like hell. Every time I took a step, my bladder would hurt. I felt like I constantly had to go to the bathroom. I went to my primary care lady who I told her that I had prolapse.

Suggestions to be more comfortable with uterine prolapse

Can anyone recommend what I can do to be more comfortable while I'm doing the whole woman work. Christine doesn't recommend a pessary. Is there anything I can do to push things up til I can improve my pelvic health. Right now I'm using a tampon and it helps a little although it too is uncomfortable but not as uncomfortable as the cervix bulging out of my vagina. But it doesn't staynuo there very well either. Also when I take it out there is blood on it so I guess it's irritating it. I'm 61 so not having periods anymore. My doctor recommended a sponge. That doesn't seem comfortable.

Please help

I try all the time the lupo and sumo in the bethroom but still cant empy without strain
I do Low knees and partial sitting on the seat, sitting forward, tailbone up
My hands on knees

What i missing out?

Incontinence forum?

I didn't see a forum for issues specifically related to incontinence. So I'm hoping I'm in the right place to post my question. I use the search tool a lot and have tried to make sure that I'm not asking a question that's covered elsewhere.

Beginning posture mods

Hi all! First a big thank you to Christine for sharing her life work and experience with me! Such awesome info!! I have a question on starting posture changes. I've bought the First Aid package and have studied the posture recommendations to help improve my bladder prolapse. I have put it into practice for a couple days now, and my low back and sacrum aren't having it, lol. I have always had tight hips and painful IT and piriformis muscles, but allowing those abdominal muscles to relax forward is really making my low back sore, to the point of needing heat/ice.


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