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Is Osteoporosis Inevitable with Age?

Absolutely not!

An older woman takes an accidental fall and instead of a few scrapes and bruises suffers a broken bone and a trip to the hospital. 

We’ve all heard the stories or seen it happen to older family members.

The inevitable diagnosis…Osteoporosis.

It is difficult to imagine that less than a century ago, osteoporosis was not recognized as a disease.

This video course chronicles the fascinating and hair-raising history of the new diseases “osteoporosis” and “osteopenia”, the blockbuster drugs developed to treat them, and what women need to know to maintain strong bones for a lifetime.

What doctors will virtually never tell you about the drugs developed to treat bone loss as we age are the horrific potential side effects and will never suggest natural alternatives.  After all, alternatives fall outside the “standards of care” rigorously enforced by those who control it, the major drug and surgical supply companies. 

But you are here at Whole Woman because you are looking for legitimate alternatives to traditional drugs and surgery approaches, which is all the medical system offers. 

Osteoporosis is not inevitable, but it is a byproduct of diet and lifestyle. Change both and dramatically lower your risk of bone loss as you age.

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