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First Aid for Coronavirus
A Special Report

The coronavirus story is everywhere.

The media have their story, the politicians have their story, the doctors and medical administrators have their story, financial markets are demonstrating their story by crashing.

Who we haven’t heard much from are the scientists

So I decided to go see what science has to say about the coronavirus threat.

I learned a number of important insights that no one in the media are talking about.

  •  The real problem with the coronavirus is that it can attack the brainstem, which is the true cause of severe respiratory failure
  • This epidemic (or possible pandemic) has exposed how little the medical establishment knows about health
  • Nature has provided us with what we need for anti-viral protection, a fact that science is only now waking up to.

If you are in serious respiratory distress with coronavirus, all they can really do is treat your symptoms, keep you hydrated and as comfortable as possible, until you get better on your own or die.

The real question is to what extent you have prepared your immune system to deal with this kind of invader.  The good news is that we are surrounded in nature with the healing medicines we need.

The drug companies know this, of course, and scour the planet looking for these healing agents.  The problem is that unless they modify what they have found in nature, they can't patent, protect, and charge huge fees for their products.  So they isolate and thinker with the molecules, and all too often make them highly toxic in the process.

Yes, the coronavirus can be a serious disease to contract.  Yes, reasonable precautions are appropriate.

Much of the panic and fear can be traced back to the fact that humanity has become profoundly detached from nature, despite the fact that we rely on it entirely for our survival.

I have invested countless hours pouring through the scientific research looking for answers about the coronavirus. I am now ready to share my findings with you.

Thousands of women have come to trust that I am thorough, meticulous, and dogged in digging through the scientific literature and separating trash from treasure.  They know I can summarize my research in ways that create “a ha!” moments from my followers, and provide practical steps to take to improve health and quality of life.

To help make sense of the current epidemic, I have produced a Special Report, First Aid for Coronavirus, and a companion video.

Coronavirus (or SARS-CoV2 as it is technically called) is important for us to know about to assess how best to protect ourselves and our families.

My report has a lot of science in it. 

There are two reasons for this.  First, it is important for you to understand that this report is not just my opinion, in the cacophony of opinions screaming from every media source.  Second, despite the general lack of interest in science in today’s political climate, science has remained the most reliable source of reality.

In my report, I have cited almost one hundred research studies and articles, so you can trust that you are reading the collective product of hundreds of very bright and accomplished research scientists.

At least as important, I have translated what I have learned into an understanding of how best to protect yourself, and what the science is telling us we must do to shrug off nature’s periodic attacks.

"Thank you for your insightful, purposeful and thorough COVID-19 report and the practical yet peacefully delivered video! You two ROCK! I keep reading the report over and over....makes SO much sense! This important message combo is a gift to women in our Nation who are fearful and misinformed."  
Karen Lee, Wisconsin

This 31 page Special Report and twenty-five minute companion video is available now.  

The True Story that Coronavirus is an Immunodeficiency Disease

The medical system and politicians want to lull you into thinking that a vaccine will be produced quickly to resolve this pandemic so we can all go back to our collectively unhealthy ways. These are the economic powers that want you to keep consuming, eating manufactured foods, dining at restaurants that buy from soil and environment-destroying Big Agriculture.

Nature does not lie, however. Coronavirus is just a message from the Planet that supports all life. 
It is telling us that it's time to change our ways.

First Aid for Natural Immunity in the Pandemic Age

What makes Whole Woman unique in women’s health literature is our focus on root causes. Modern medicine sees its primary role as eliminating symptoms. The result of this approach is all too often more damaging than the underlying condition.

When coronavirus hit hard, I felt compelled to dig deeply into the microbiology of viral disease and the human immune response that keeps the vast majority of the trillions of viruses to which we are exposed under control. 

After two months of intensive study and research, the issues involved have become clear.

First, this is the third serious outbreak we have experienced in the past twenty years. Yes, humanity has experienced pandemics many times, bubonic plague, Spanish flu, smallpox, and polio, just to name a few. Three in twenty years, however, suggests that some new variable has entered the equation.

SARS-1 in the early 2000s, MERS in the early 2010s were the early warnings.

The results of my study and research is a detailed Special Report - First Aid for Natural Immunity in the Pandemic Age.

The message in these viruses is clear. Our immune response is suffering the effects of “civilization”.

The human immune capability is mind-bendingly complex. For example, the white blood cells in your body are trained to identify the molecular profile of billions of different pathogens and to trigger the exact appropriate immune response for each.

The biggest risk we face is actually not from the virus itself. Yes, sadly hundreds of thousands of people have died, most with underlying conditions.

A recent article described a man in his 50s “in perfect health”, dead three days later of the virus.

This kind of statement makes one thing very clear. The medical system knows virtually nothing about health. A more accurate description would have been “an otherwise asymptomatic man in his 50s.”

In reality, the greatest risk we face is from those who will attempt to use this pandemic for social/political control and an enormous payday.

The new gold rush is on to create the first vaccine.

It is useful to know that after 20 years of intense research, no safe, effective vaccine has ever been developed for the coronavirus’s first cousin SARS-1, nor for MERS. And researchers have been looking…hard.

Imagine the payday if the government declares that all Americans must be vaccinated. There are almost 330 million people living in the US. Since the vaccine will have been rushed through trials with no long-term data on any potential negative effects, and after twenty years of research failures on related viruses, you can appreciate the dangers associated with the political heroics involved.

My Special Report is 61 pages long with 198 citations in the bibliography.

There is a lot of science in it. It is not a quick and easy read. It’s the product of two intensive months of study. But if you read it carefully, you will know much more about the subject than the talking heads on the news. 

More importantly, you’ll realize that we have a lot to do as a species to restore our birthright relationship with Nature, the ultimate source of all life and all healing.

And systemic change begins with individual change. We are the only ones who can create a more sane, natural, and healthy world.

Please join me in building a common body of knowledge amongst the women of the world. However this drama plays out on the planet, when we get to our last hour, we will have the comfort of knowing we did what we could.

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Best wishes,

Christine Kent
Whole Woman

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