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1) When choosing a screen name, our policy requires that you not use your real name or a name that might be someone else's name. Email addresses, real or fabricated are not allowed. Anonymity is essential for forum users to share the intimate details of their condition. Violations of this policy will prevent your account from being activated. The system will tell you if someone has already chosen a name that you selected.

2) The Whole Woman Forum has a zero tolerance policy for commercial solicitation. Registrants that violate this policy will find their accounts promptly cancelled and posts deleted.

3) While your email address is not visible to other members on the forum, if someone uses the forum system to send you an email and you respond, that person now has your email address. In the past, some forum members have made unethical use of this feature to recruit members to other websites for their own personal interests. We work hard to block members who engage in these activities, but we cannot guarantee prevention. Be very careful about responding to emails sent from other forum members.

Thanks and again, welcome to Whole Woman.