Telling Partner About Prolapse

If you remember me I am the 21 year old gal with vulvodynia/VVS and a high rectocele. I am always very honest with my boyfriend, about everything and he is very supportive. I had absolutely no problem telling him about the vulvodynia and VVS. When it was at the worst point, the vaginal burning so intense I really couldn't handle it anymore, I w ould just cry and cry. I was in so much pain and my boyfriend would come over and hold me and rock me. So I have no doubt about how supportive he is. however, for some reason I cannot bring myself to tell him about the rectocele. For some reason, I would feel very uncomfortible telling him, so yeah my rectum is pushing into vagina and causing quite some problems for my phsycially and emotionally. I have definitly stabalized my prolapse to the point where I no longer have any problems on the toilet and I can hardly feel it but it still bothers me. I remember visited the doctor about this problem she said to me, "Oh my god, what's wrong with you? This isn't supposed to happened to young girls. It only happens to older women." I'm a very confidant young woman but that comment bothered me. I don't appreciate being judged that way and I guess maybe I'm afraid my boyfriend will judge me? I'm not sure. I guess I'm not really sure if this is somehting I should share with him, he's not my husband, it's my body but I feel like it's wrong to keep it a secret. This normally doesn't bother me that much but it's been weighing on my mind more and more lately as he's been discussing the possibility of getting married and moving in together. Please tell me your thoughts about this.

Constipation and how to lift when going to toilet

I thought the uterine prolapse had vanished for some reason but now I understand it takes a lot of devotion to this matter. My question is how does one lift herself from the seat I simply cannot get this? Elbows on knees and lift up from seat how do you do this and do your bowel movements at the same time. Working on constipation problem, it's getting better but hard not to strain. Thanks.

Coughing, wheezing and breathing

Hi all

I have just discovered how to get on top of 'asthma', so I am no longer coughing a lot, and aggravating my prolapses. I have been able to stop using Ventolin completely, and have weaned off my preventative medication as well.

My Repiratory Physician was unable to figure out how to control my asthma after over two years of trying. Before Christmas I was using Seretide 250/50 twice a day and Ventolin, 4 puffs, usually twice a day every day. I was still continually wheezing and had a couple of major coughing episodes a day to get rid of mucous buildup. I had never been hospitalised, and never felt that I really couldn't breathe, so he is not sure that it was actually asthma, but that's another story. I decided to wean off the Seretide over a period of several weeks and play it by ear. The asthma did not get worse, but it did not get better either until I learned the Buteyko method. The rest is history.

More common than first thought............

Well, after some questioning around family and friends re- prolpase I guess it is not as uncommon as it first seemed to me. My sister who has four children admitted to me that she has had stress incontintnce since her first child and that things feel "different" down there. She does not think this is strange, simply that it is a part of having babies. She was told after her second child that she has a mild UP. She also knows two friends who have the same, one of whom had a severe UP post partum rather like me. It mystifies me why there is not any info' about this in the pregnancy books and why on earth OB'GYN's and midwives do not mention this pre pregnancy!!?? It seems that many many women have prolpase issues albeit benign, and I wish I had at least the awareness of this before it happened. I for one will spread the word as it were, not to scare people but simply to inform them if they so wish.

Exercises on the DVD

Hi all,

How's everyone going with the DVD exercises? I'm guilty. I've had my DVD for several weeks now, and only just started doing them seriously. Christine, you *do* make them look easy.

I think I find them hard because I have quite strong glutes, abdominals and back muscles, from physio for disk problems, and taking up ballroom dancing. Trouble is I have fallen for the old core strength myth. All those deep pelvic muscles on the inside of the pelvis are like marshmallow! My inside triangles are not working with the outside triangles to give stability to the whole pelvic area, which probably contributed to the disk problems in the first place. (Oh no, not the triangle lady again!)And the prolapses too?

What do you think of this?

It is funny cos in my last pregnancy - Although I tore at the last second (After 2 episiotomies I expected this as it is not so 'stretchy' down there methinks

Anyways - I only remember giving one or two pushes - I kept saying to the midwife - next time next time... Then my belly went like concrete and I knew I HAD to push...

I found this

I was wondering Christine - Would this lessened pushing make our prolapses less damaging - If we listened to our bodies?

Has anyone ever had this problem?

Hi Christine,

I'm not really sure where (forum) to post this question. But, I just finished a weeks worth antibiotics for a bladder infection. I tried for two weeks in vain using the Clear Tract UTI (D-Mannose) without success and then HAD to resort to using an antibiotic to rid myself of the bladder or UTI (not sure which it was!). Anyway, now that I am off the antibiotics I am feeling really crappy. My body has been a little off -- a little constipated and now I have stomach pains and bloating. So.... of course, my prolapse has worsened. I just started using a good product to balance my intestinal flora (probiotic), but I'm feeling kind of bummed today.

posture help

Okay I have the video and book and have seen pictures of the posture but is there a way (like a little trick) to see if I have the posture right. When I look in the mirror it looks like my stomach is sticking out a lot. Should I be holding it in somewhat? I don't know if it is because I had a baby and still haven't lost my tummy. Is it okay if it sticks out? Thanks.

Just to Hello

Hi Christine and Everyone,

Your new format looks very elegant and is very nice....Good Job!

I just thought I should let some of the new girls/women know that I am someone who started using Christine's suggestions about posture et al over two years ago. I recall that I was 'new member #100' (which is supposedly the "critical mass number" that tips the scales of 'our non-local consciousness' ) Anyway....I am now 59 years old and I have stabalized my prolapse to the point where I hardly ever notice it anymore. At times when things do slip down a bit, I certainly am not concerned nor bothered by it....I go merrily about my daily chores, pull myself up into the proper posture and continue my little life which includes quite a bit of phyiscal work and lots of energy. I may even have more energy now than I did 5 or 6 years ago (menopuasal years) As I said in some other posts (way back somewhere), I really think that changing my posture has not only stabalized the prolapse but it has given me a strong inner balance and powerful 'stance' mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I feel confident, healthy, beautiful and gracious, without a doubt.


I've had a pessary holding in my prolapsed uterus for about 2 years now. My doctor was going to do a hysterectomy but since the pessary was working so well he said I would be just fine using it--possibly for years. I go in every 3 months to have it checked--in addition to douching and using Trimo-San Jelly 3x's a week.

I'm wondering if I can do the exercises, strengthen my muscles, and not need the pessary? I don't like the idea of this foreign body inside me for the rest of my life! Nothing is "perfectly safe."

I haven't seen any discussion of pessaries in this sight.


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