Correct posture?

I'm new to this & trying to work on the posture. It feels & looks awkward to me & makes me look swagback, which I didn't think was healthy. Am I over extending?

one step back

after a few months of not even noticing my 'celes, I've been having that dragging feeling for over a week. It started with my period, which is normal for me. Usually it lasts a day or so, this time it feels worse every day. I'm not feeling great all around, fighting something and lots of 'stuff' going on in my life right now. I know its all related, but it gets me worried. does anyone else here have setbacks? do you regain your 'normal' again? ugh. I have those feelings of hopelessness again. doesn't help that my two year old's been extra clingy and insisting that I carry him around all day, h

The latest.................

Well girls,
I have just come from my post natal appointment with a different midwife from my usual one. (I had only previously seen the nurse practitioner since I got the prolapse that first week). This midwife, though not terribly "touchy feely" if you know what I mean, was very down to earth and reassuring. She said she sees 8- 10 immediate post partum prolapses a year and that it does in her experience always improve. She gave me a pretty thorough pelvic exam and stated that my uterus is "High", my cervix moves down approximately 1 cm when I bear down, and that my pelvic floor is "very strong". She also said the front wall of the vagina was strong and did not detect that the bladder had slipped at all. She commented that the area I had assumed was a rectocele is in fact the usual stretching which occurs after a delivery and will improve over time. (I am not so sure being a typical worrier but hope she is right). She referred me for PT also and (sorry Christine :)) said to do kegels as I have been doing to maintain and improve the tone down there. She seemed quite surprised that I was so upset about all this and said "well you didn't expect things to be normal after having children did you?" Anyway, I am cautiously optimistic. I had thought things were better because my uterus had not re- prolapsed since the initial episode so............ I still have an appointment with a Gyn next week and will be interested to hear her opinion. I am realising from this board that there can be a multitude of opinions on these things. I will continue with the posture and bettering my health generally. Hope this provides more information for post partum women out there seeking answers although we are all different of course.

The posture is working!

Well I wasn't sure how well the posture was working with my postpartum prolapse because I couldn't remember how bad my symptoms felt before starting the posture. I have been using the posture for about a month now. I am 9 months postpartum and got Aunt Flow today for the first time postpartum!! YUCK! The good thing is I now know the posture is helping because I have that awful pelvic pressure again (that I now remember having all the time!). Just wanted to share so that other postpartum moms have hope :)

Todays Gynae appt

Seems every time I go I get told something different.

This time I saw a realllly nice Gynae who listened to me.

He said I have a grade1 UP Grade 1 (if that) Cystocele and a grade1 (if that) rectocele (I believe this was done by that idiot Dr trying to ram a pessary ring I didn't even need up me - agony)

He gave me alot of info And I am glad I went :)

Obviously things can always change - BUT - I know that with the help Christine has given to me about posture - BM - and other things - I can keep myself going



It's great - When I arrived here I was the biggest scaredycat anworrywart - Now I feel EMPOWERED

So glad to have found you! Questions (of course :-))

Hi, my name is Kathy, I am 34 and I have 2 wonderful children. My son will be 4 in March and my daughter is 11 months today. With my son I had a very difficult delivery (common refrain, huh?), my water broke at 36 weeks, he was still high, my nurse said "oh she's young and strong, we can push him down". After almost 3 hours of pushing he was delivered by forceps after a failed vacuum extraction. I did experience some urinary incontinence after his birth but I thought it was yet again one of those things that happen with pg that no one ever tells you. I started doing kegels, etc, and all healed fine. 3 years later I deliver my daughter, went into labor on my own, proceeded rapidly, but still had to have a 2nd degree episiotomy even after I had told this new DR that I didn't want one. After her delivery I had NO UI symptoms so I thought all those kegels had been paying off.

Bathing with uterine prolapse

Bubble baths with scented oils are sooooo relaxing but while my gyn said baths are no problem if one has a uterine prolapse I'm questioning the wisdom of that. Wouldn't sitting in bath water with a prolapse leave you open to infection?

Uterine Prolapse Questions

Help! I am (or was) a healthy 73 yr old enjoying an energetic healthy lifestyle, a believer in exercise & good diet. My stage 3 uterine prolapse was a complete shock; how could this happen!! Even before reading "the book," surgery was not something I wanted to consider. It was, of course, the solution offered. Instead, a visit to my ND brought me hope in the form of an herbal tincture. It does help to some degree but I feel it is not enough (by evening it really drops uncomfortably low) & I wonder what else I could be doing. Does acupuncture get results? Is spinal correction with a chiropractor helpful and/or safe? Strangely, some of the exercises in the book are exercises I have been doing long before this problem developed. Also, sitting cross-legged was always an easy favorite position, it is now uncomfortable. At this point I'm not sure what exercises I should be doing & what not, so have just about given up my workouts at the club except for walking. I wonder, too, what affect the prolapse has on hormones or does it? I ask because I have been unusually tired requiring much more sleep than I ever have & basically my body simply feels out of balance. My slender body lacks muscle tone; I can build muscle but I don't lose the flab and my tummy protrudes so much I actually look pregnant. It's more than a little rounded! Has anyone else experienced this? Is the tummy the result of the prolapse; my doctor says it is just fat but I have never looked like this (my whole body sags!)& it's very perplexing. Any insight & helpfultips will be appreciated.

Herbal Information

I do no take the useage of herbs lightly. I am not a herbalist. I am just a girl who has decided to take her body's health and well being into her own hands. Please use an herbs listed here AT YOUR OWN RISK.

I put a lot of thought, time and research into the herbal ointment I have decieded to use on myself. These herbs may or may not be irght fo ryou. I have had some request for the ointments I use and I am very hestitant to tell everyone the informaiton because I want everyone to be as informed and educated as I was/am before using them. However, I will share my information because I hope everyone will have wonderufl benefits the way I have from this information.

Telling Partner About Prolapse

If you remember me I am the 21 year old gal with vulvodynia/VVS and a high rectocele. I am always very honest with my boyfriend, about everything and he is very supportive. I had absolutely no problem telling him about the vulvodynia and VVS. When it was at the worst point, the vaginal burning so intense I really couldn't handle it anymore, I w ould just cry and cry. I was in so much pain and my boyfriend would come over and hold me and rock me. So I have no doubt about how supportive he is. however, for some reason I cannot bring myself to tell him about the rectocele. For some reason, I would feel very uncomfortible telling him, so yeah my rectum is pushing into vagina and causing quite some problems for my phsycially and emotionally. I have definitly stabalized my prolapse to the point where I no longer have any problems on the toilet and I can hardly feel it but it still bothers me. I remember visited the doctor about this problem she said to me, "Oh my god, what's wrong with you? This isn't supposed to happened to young girls. It only happens to older women." I'm a very confidant young woman but that comment bothered me. I don't appreciate being judged that way and I guess maybe I'm afraid my boyfriend will judge me? I'm not sure. I guess I'm not really sure if this is somehting I should share with him, he's not my husband, it's my body but I feel like it's wrong to keep it a secret. This normally doesn't bother me that much but it's been weighing on my mind more and more lately as he's been discussing the possibility of getting married and moving in together. Please tell me your thoughts about this.


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