Lifting toddlers

Dear Christine

I think I have seen a couple of your posts where you have recommended just bending over 'from the waist' straight forward, knees soft and lifting him straight up to your standing position again. I hope I have this right. I thought I had already asked this question, but could not find the Post, so here goes, again ;-)

I am just wondering if you meant from the waist, bending the spine, or from the hip joints, keeping the spine relatively straight, and bottom up in the air? Could you explain exactly what you mean by 'from the waist'?



Ultrasound question for Christine

I am scheduled for an ulrtrasound Tue, and I am wondering if it is necessary. I have no symptoms of problems, just when the pessaries were inserted within 24 hours I start to bleed. I bleed for a week. I think it is the pessary, not me because I have used a sea sponge now for 3 days and no bleeding. I am 58-. Christine, do you think I should have it done due to my age and/or the bleeding? I feel like it is being done for the money. I just started seeing this OBGYN and I do like him, I just think he may be overreacting since he doesn't know me very well. I have not had an abnormal pap smear either.

Birth Control

Has anyone used or currently using an IUD with a mild uterine prolapse? I'd like to try it, but not sure how it would "hold".

Nia -- a body exercise that lifts the spirit

Hi All! If you haven't participated in a Nia class I'd like to suggest you give it a try. I was first so cautious about working out that I'm just now getting back into it & I love the Nia class. Unlike exercising on machines that focus on "body parts," Nia is a total body workout & an extra bonus is it's fun!! Nia is very much a mind/body exercise & at the end of the class I feel energized not only physically but emotionally as well. With all our ups & downs those emotional highs feel very very good.


I've heard some people here express modes of exercise that made their prolapse worse. I'm thinking of joining a women's gym that uses a 30 minute workout. Not sure about what's involved yet; I'll have to go see. But, what should I avoid? I mean, how is running on a treadmill?

Also, I occassionaly bounce on an exercise ball with my son (10 mos. 24 lbs.) to get him to sleep. Any problems with that? I used to hold him in my sling in the middle of my body; now that I'm more aware of the pressure on the internal organs, I'm trying to keep him more on my hip.


Perineal herina/prolapsed bladder/small bowel

I have had this problem for some years now but it is getting worse.
I have seen several gynuros and surgeons but no one will give any gurantees on surgery. It is a very unusual prolapse. It is a fairly large neck hernia into the labia majora and ischiorectal fossa on the right side. My puborectails (muscles) are completely missing. The uterus itself is otherwise normal. The bulges can be seen and felt from the outside near my vulva area. They want to do a hysterectomy with a fairly extensive pelvic dissection and combine this with a sacral colpopexy, perivaginal repair, and a possible retropubic urethropexy. It seems quite complicated and I don't know if I will be in worse condition than I am now after surgical repairs. I am 52 and had 2 vaginal birth. One 17 years ago and one 13 years ago where vacuum was used. I also had a hemotoma repair after the last birth. I am about 20 lbs overweight and I am wondering if loosing weight or seeing a PTs

Prolapse and Irritable Bowel

Has anyone experienced the uterine prolapse along with irritable bowel syndrome? If so can you tell what your symptoms were. Thanks

Sitting on Zafu/Zabuton

Hi everyone...

DH and I finally bought ourselves a set of really nice couches, however, I'm finding that they might not be so hot for prolapse. They are super-comfy but don't promote a very upright posture at all.

I was thinking about buying a set of these...a zafu and zabuton (aka meditation cushions) like these at :


Different or the same?

Is uterine prolapse and uterovaginal prolapse one & the same? While I was told I had a uterine prolapse, in her report my urogyn called it a utrovaginal prolapse and wrote "Vagina: cervix and anterior fornix descend outside of hymen." In my research the two terms seem to be used interchangeably, it's confusing. Can anyone clear this up?

Sea Sponges and V supporter

Can anyone tell me about the sea sponges and what they can help with.

Also, about where I can get them and the V supporter (underwear, right?)

thank you


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