I posted just a couple of days ago asking if anyone knew where to get this book in Australia. I thought I'd go into a little more detail about my actual problems and what I have pretty much faced my whole life. I used to feel like I was the only person living like this until I started reading forums and gathering information on the internet. I'd seem many doctors about my problem starting from when I was a small child. I was a bedwetter until around age 9 and can always remember needing to urinate frequently and with urgency. I have no idea what a normal bladder feels like as mine has never been normal.

So what's going to happen when we hit Menopause?

I feel pretty comfortable right now with my body. I am happy with the relief of symptoms I have. Yes I can still "see" things but I can't always notice them or feel them. And the relief of my backache has been fabulous. My back feels better than it has in years. I feel a lot stronger - in fact my PT is ready to release me after just 5 weeks. I am not ready for her to do that though so I am going to continue to go for another 4 weeks or so, just once a week...

My question is this, she said I could stay where I am indefinately but that things could worsen when I go through menopause. I am 34, my mom and aunt both went through at 45 & 48, so on the earlier side. All the lit I have read also says that menopause is when prolapses appear or worsen...

Where Can I buy this book in Australia

I am a 36 year old woman and have just discovered that I have a cystocele. I have delivered two children vaginally but have had overactive bladder problems my whole life. I've spent years having tests, seeing specialists, physiotherapists but to no avail. Nothing helped my overactive bladder. No amount of kegels or otherwise could help. I am waiting on an appointment with a specialist regarding my cystocele but wanted to go in there informed of my choices for treatment so started doing some research. I have borrowed this book from our local library on referral from a friend but at the time I didn't have a cystocele and never found the time to read the book thoroughly. I am at a loss as to where to buy it in Australia. Does anyone have any idea which book shops may sell it here?

rectocele diet

Ok I am getting desperate here for some kind of improvement. I thought you had a book for sale before on diet Christine?? I am not eating any dairy/soy right now because of my daughter's sensitivity and me nursing. I also can't eat nuts, citrus fruit, and tomatoes because they cause her to have reflux. I eat fruits and vegetables, meat, grains, some treats with refined sugar but not a lot since most of these foods have dairy. I also take a multivitemin and calcium pills because I don't eat any dairy and the doctor recommended it. I am not sure what I should try next to get an improvement with my rectocele.


How exactly does this baton work? Is it essential for the exercises? It looks very strange.... : )


Has anyone heardof this product or tried it? A friend of mine got one and said it's helping her a lot. I'm wondering if this might be something that would be good in the interim until the exercises start working. Any thought?

Kegels and rectocele

Hi, I noticed that my rectocele is getting worse. I was a grade 1 in Jan but i feel like it has been more difficult to eliminate completely. Also during my period, I see bright red blood when i wipe on the tush so i know it's not from the vagina.

I have been doing kegels since that diagnosis and wondering if that can worsen the rectocele condition. It is getting more uncomfortable on a daily basis. I notice more gas and just prolapse discomfort if i don't poop. I used to not feel the rectocele on a daily basis.

Mommynow, I think you mentioned something in relation to kegels. Just

I can't figure out how to order

When I try to "checkout" it won't take my login info. Is there somewhere else I'm supposed to set up an account first? I feel like such a dummy!!!

Symtoms come and go?

I'm new to the forum, and new to UP and apparently experiencing some bladder or urethra falling symptoms as well. It seems as though some days I feel my urethra falling and then, after several days, it feels as though it has gone back this typical? Now, though, it feels as though it has fallen again. Does anyone else have this experience? Any ideas why? I have been carrying my 3 year old more than usual over the past week (hiking trips...she needs a little help sometimes). I would love any feedback anyone has to offer.

How much will your sessions cost?

I don't know if I should ask that on here, but I'm wondering if I need to make a trip to Albq. in the near future.... How much will your session cost that is going to explain all the details for your program and show the exercises?



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