Moon Cycle

I got my period this morning and so far feel pretty good. I've been doing the postures religiously. I wanted to point out that I noticed a number of people have posted in the last couple of days that they have gotten or are about to get their periods. So, I checked my calendar and saw yesterday was a full moon. Very interesting.

prolapsed uterus

Are there any exercises to correct or alleviate the pressure that comes with a prolaped uterus.


have a wonderful evening for the joyous opening of the center! It sounds as though it will be so much fun, eating, music, dancing.............only wish we could all be there too! Congratulations!

Postures while gardening?

My Mom asked me to ask these two questions.

When she is pulling out weeds from the flower bed, is it bad to stand over them and bend down with her legs apart, or is it best to kneel on the lawn and pull them out? I think she is concerned that standing over the flower bed bending down might worsen prolapse a bit.

She also wants to know whether it is acceptable for her to use the lawn mower, which is a basic electric lawn mower, or is that too much strain? It is a fairly small lawn. She says she doesn't feel any strain when she is actually using it.


Hello new person here with a few questions!


I'm three months postpartum with my second baby.. he was really fast being born, barely made it to hospital and he came out within 13 mins of pushing. A few weeks later I noticed a bulge and feeling a sensation like a tampon was coming out. The doctor and hospital gynocologist after internal examinations have said it's just a grade 1 cystocele and that it can get better with kegels (pelvic floor excercises we call them in UK!) and I've been referred for physio. They also say it may naturally improve in the postpartum period. Some days I feel better and some worse. I know it's only a mild diagnosis but it still feels uncomfortable and I'm terrified of it not improving or worse still getting worse. Still don't feel I can run about with my kids or do anything that might agravate it. I"ve ordered the book and looking forward to learning about posture etc. My main question is can I carry on with kegels alongsdie the posture work.. as everyone had unanimously recommended them I'd be scared to completely give them up? I also read somewhere that redheads don't ever improve with their prolapses.. is that true? Any redheads out there?!


Hi all. I have been unable to sleep since a gyno told me in Feb. I need a hysterectomy. I have no dysfuction just cystele and rectocele, and prolapse of the uterus and bladder. But I have no problems urinating or eliminating or even with the menstral cycle. Can you really live with the prolapse. I have 5 children and dont want to risk organ removal or any of the complications that come with the surgery. Thankyou for this forum.

Introducing My Mom

My Mom is 70, she is very fit and active, she swims, goes to dance classes and takes healthy eating seriously. She is in very good shape for her age in my view and the doctors view too.

She isn't very good with using the web so I decided to register on this forum for her and try and get some support.

I found your book Saving the Whole Woman on Amazon and ordered it for her.

My Mom says it's a good book and she's read it twice now. She's not sure about some of the exercises, but has already started doing doing some of them everyday without fail.

Basically I do not want my mom to have any surgery unless there is no other option for her. My own view is that surgery for this is bullshit, eventhough I am a guy and therefore can't understand what it feels like, it sounds to me like a crap solution that meddles with womens bodies.

Prolapse and haemorrhoids?

I just wondered if anyone else suffers from haemorrhoids as a result of the increased pressure in the pelvis due to prolapse? This was what initially triggered my interest in this area as I get very painful piles, especially around the time of a period. I realised that they were exacerbated by the prolapse during menstruation, when everything gets heavier (at other times the prolapse - cystocele - is mild and doesn't really bother me; even less now that I know how common it is!). As I'm getting older (45) periods have become frequent, with my cycle being about 21 days - so the symptoms occur more frequently and it impacts on my feeling of well-being. I'd no idea till recently just how painful piles could be.

Is it possible to overdo the lumbar curve when standing in posture?

I must admit, that although I think I'm relatively intelligent, I don't get all of the anatomical intricacies of the postures, although it makes basic sense to me. At first, I got incredible relief from the pressure of the prolapse when I started doing the standing and sitting postures.

Then, a couple of weeks ago, after a bout of illness with the baby and 24/7 carrying for a week or so, I started feeling more pressure again. I started overstating the posture, but it didn't help to get things feeling more stable. So, today, I played with a more relaxed curve, not overemphasizing it, and actually seemed to feel more stable carrying baby.

Who can say a few words about how they've progressed?

Hi everyone,

I've found this site incredibly helpful in the one week that I've been on it. It has totally changed my outlook on the current state of my body and has given me new hope to believe that I will not "have to have surgery" (as my OB said) for my cystocele. I have ordered the DVD and can't wait for it to arrive. In the mean time, I've been reading every posting on the site and find that, aside from Christine's amazing words of wisdom, the places where women mention how they've improved or been able to stabilize their prolapses really inspire me. I'm sure they inspire others coming to the site as well.


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