Front Vag. Wall Prolapse vs. Cystocele?

Hi, I recently joined & have been lurking. I am 29 yrs old & just had my third child 5.5 weeks ago. About 1.5 weeks ago I noticed some "ribbed" tissue at the entrance of my vagina. I don't feel any "bulge," just some sagging tissue. I also don't have any incontinence issues.

How do you tell what type of prolapse? Can you have just a sagging front vaginal wall without having a prolapsed bladder or urethra?

I have not been for my 6 wk post partum check up yet & am hesitant to mention this to my ob, fearful that the only recommendation would be surgery (even though it doesn't seem too serious.)


Hi Everyone,

I’m wondering if the butt-against-the-wall exercise I gave a few weeks ago for rectocele has been helpful at all. I know mommynow, granolamom & Marie were trying it and it would be great if you could give us a bit of feedback. If you think it’s helpful, I’ll post it permanently in the Tips section. If not, it was worth a try anyway.
I hope you all are doing well.


What's your favorite line from the DVD or book?

I just wanted to share mine because I get so much pleasure from looking forward to it every night when I do the dvd exercises:

It's right after the exercises, when Christine is explaining how to stand in Whole Woman posture, and she finishes and says,

"It doesn't look .. special."

I don't know why, but the little smile and intonation always sends me to bed with a little inward chuckle and a good feeling. Thanks, Christine!

Anyone else?

Martial Arts?

Hello, New here and trying to find my way! I have bought and read the book. I need to re-read it a few times (that's just how I learn). I have also been reading everything I can find online. I have seen some information that pilates might not be the best form of exercise for someone with prolapse (I have a third degree cystocele, just diagnosed) and since pilates was my main form of exercise I am trying to find other things I will enjoy that will be more beneficial to my prolapse. Long ago I used to be a martial artist. Any thought on how that works with this new body alignment? Lots of deep squatting stances, what do you think of those?

Million dollar question

The consultant's letter to my Mom said that she had symptoms of a first stage cystocele. Whilst it did not make a recommendation saying surgery was needed, it said that she should wait for a while to see how things developed, with the option of having a 'TVT cystocele repair' later if she wanted it.

Wanting a second opinion My Mom has gone to see a gynaecologist consultant in another country, who is her personal family friend. This consultant has a reputation for not encouraging surgery unncessarily.

She asked me to ask some basic questions. Infact the first question is my own , but when I told her about it, she was really keen that I ask it on the forum. I've seen several references to 'stabilizing' the symptoms and 'living well' with prolopase, so at the risk of asking the obvious, I think many women would like to know the answer to this. I think the answer to Q1) is 'YES', I hope so, but here goes:

confused on posture!

How do you 'relax your belly over pubic bone' whilst keeping muscles firm? Also is it the ribs at the back you're pulling together? I don't understand how you'd pull together the ones at the front. I'm also a bit confused at 'broadening the back'. I keep on reading and re-reading it and trying it out but don't seem to get it!

Sorry! Hope someone can set me straight, many thanks


Hi Australian mum needs help

Hi I'm just become a mum for the third time. Until the birth of my beautiful boy I had never heard of prolapse. Unfortunately I now have it but I am finding hard to find information here in Australia that doesn't resort to surgery. I know now that pelvic floor exercises (kegels) may not work and I don't want surgery, but I'm reaaly glad I found this website and I'm not alone in this.I have read many of the other forums and it makes me feel less abnormal I suppose LOL. Thanks

I do have one question though. I don't think the book and video are available here in Australia could anyone tell me how much it would cost in AUD for these items to be sent, including postage costs and how I can order them.


I've been trying to keep my feet up while I feed as it gives a bit of relief with the bulgy feeling, but looking at alot of the posts it seems I should be sitting up straight? I haven't got the book yet (although it's on it's way) and can't quite work it out entirely from the FAQ's.

Walking for pelvic health

I have to walk up and down a hill when feeding my sheep. When I walk back uphill with the empty buckets I try to adopt the 'womb walk'that Christine recommends in her book (Charlie Chaplin style!) and must look quite funny - but fortunately there are only the sheep to see!

Good luck to all who are attempting to use walking and other exercises to help with uterine prolapse.

Yoga DVD Question

Hello Christine and everyone else. I hope everyone is doing well. My first question is about the exercises on the video I've heard about can these be found in the book? I have the book but unfortunately I cannot afford the video.

Also, Christine what are you thoughts about the yoga for Better Sex through Yoga (see link below)

Since my recovery from the vulvodynia and pelvic flor dysfunction, I still have some hip pain and a lot of hip tightness. I did the first DVD the other day with a friend and my hips felt so good afterward but I'm worried if anything on the DVD's might be harmful to my pelvic and wonder if it could cause a reoccurance my my rectocele. I understand that you probably have not seen the DVD but any thoghts or comments would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!


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