Choosing a pessary

I have been dealing with a prolapsed baldder for some years and I know my life could be so much better if I could find a proper pessary. I want ome that will support my bladder and that I can remove myself each night.

The new mesh surgery for pelvic organ prolapse

After yet another bout of constipation, a year ago April, I found that I had pushed a
part of my anatomy of my body out and whatever it was--was not supposed to be out. I
went to my ob-gyn and she surmised that it could be pelvic organ prolapse---but
couldn't tell the exact condition. Last December, after dealing with it and pushing
it back into place, I consulted with her again. It definitely was prolapse and the uro-
gyn she referred me to identified it as cystocele and slight rectocele. His solution is
to perform a new surgery technique using synthetic mesh especially designed for these

Red Raspberry Leaf

I drank a tea made from RRL during pregnancy as it is said to strengthen & tone the uterus, anyone here heard of that? I just ordered another bulk order & plan on drinking it daily, I've come to enjoy it. I figure it can't hurt, right?


Skipping br eakfast

I had to rush out today without breakfast.. walked out to town to see a friend for coffee then round two shops pushing buggy and home.. nothing really strenuous, I had felt reasonably ok before I went, but bulgy (I have postpartum cystocele) and achy kinda cervix feeling when I got back.. now taking it easy. Is it possible that because I skipped breakfast my muscles were weaker and didn't support me as well? I was in posture throughout the walk and occasionally find a walk makes me better not worse.

I may just be trying to make sense of it all in vain but wondered if anyone had noticed this kind of effect when skipping a meal?


I was searching past posts but couldn't find one for this topic. I have pre walking pneumonia (drat!); thanks to lovely bacterial infection -- 3 kids sick for a month off and on -- anyway, I've been hacking away for a week, and today I'm getting bulgy. Trying to cough in posture, but the long and short of it is that I can't always keep the pressure from affecting the prolapse.

Christine? Suggestions? Anyone else?

Will it get better once I stop having these coughing episodes? Am I back to square one?

I don't think so, but it's hard to "go backward".

Not safe enough for cows...but women?

Readers of the Milex website (1) will still find a proclamation there that Milex is a quality driven “private company founded in 1937.” In reality, on February 3, 2004 the publicly traded corporation, Cooper Surgical, bought Milex for $26 million dollars in cash. With this purchase came a history of regulatory problems with one of Milex’s most widely distributed products, Trimo-San Vaginal Jelly.

Trimo-San is marketed as “A Unique Vaginal Product” and a 4-ounce tube sealed in plastic and distributed along with every Milex pessary to prolapsed women throughout the developed world. Trimo-San was reformulated in 1977 to include its primary active ingredient and has remained unchanged since that time.

cystocele complications due to cystoscopy

Recently had a worst-case scenario involving a kidney stone the size of a quarter and the treatment used to remedy the situation. ESWL is "ok" EXCEPT the invasive cystoscopy used to place a stent from bladder to kidney--a "simple outpatient procedure" left me in the hospital for a week, catheterized and bound for a 2nd procedure due to a turned stent that effectively shut down the kidney which allowed my poor bladder to retain more that 20 ounces (yes that's not a typo!!)of fluid in the bladder/kidney and soundly re-activated my cystocele (my "gift" from 3 beautiful although difficult pregnancies!) causing me excrutiating pain and the inability to void, thus the catheter.

ready to have surgery for prolapse has the video changed anyone's life enough to postpose the surgery?

Im not sure if I am doing this right but I sure hope someone out there has had positive results from the video. I have been trying everything to avoid surgery but I am so tired and in need of relief that my three year trial and error is resorting to surgery.

I have tried a rolfing series, supplements, herbs, and inversion and I just get worse. I have rectal and pelvis prolapse.

Any other helpful news?

Thanks, Penngwenn

Recurrent bladder infections - how to deal?

Hi Christine,

Many blessings to you on the opening of the Whole Woman Center! The place looks just gorgeous and you looked so happy & radiant cutting the ribbon at the door! I haven't posted in a while and have a question. I've had three recurrent bladder infections (3 months in a row). Actually, I'm on my third one right now. Ouch! Each time I get one, my doctor prescribes Cipro, because that's what seems to work best for me. I know that I may not always be emptying my bladder completely each time. Would you say that taking D-Mannose every day just once a day should be sufficient to keep these infections away? Also, when you speak about the different ways of emptying the bladder completely -- do you mean every time you urinate you must be dilligent about doing this? Sometimes I feel like my bladder is empty -- only to return to the bathroom a short while later to go again.

Yoga and prolapse


First of all thank you for your book and video and especially for this forum which confirmed for me that managing my condition (cystocele and uterine prolapse) non-surgically does not qualify me for the "lunatic fringe."

You mention that certain yoga and pilates postures can trigger prolapse. I have practiced Kundalini yoga sporadically for several years. Which types of postures/exercises are to be avoided? All of the doctors, nurse practitioners and physical therapists I've asked about this just say to avoid heavy lifting - which is common sense even for women without prolapse! I practice yoga to keep myself fit - I certainly don't want to do anything inadvertently to make my condition worse.


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