New girl - can't find Healing Posture download

Hello! I've just joined within the hour and I don't know my way around yet. Please could you explain how to download the Healing Posture article mentioned on the first page? Also, does belly dancing pose any problems to the pelvic floor?

Thank you, Suzanne (UK member)

newbie with prolapse and interesting revelation

hi, i had my 3rd child in january. i now have a rectocele, uterine descent and a urethrocele. (not that surprising as my first child was born with large episiotomy and weighed 9lbs 4oz and my next normal delivery was 9lbs 8 oz. this latest child was born with the head delivered after a single push. it was a relatively easy labour until 10 days after when i felt as if everything was hanging down and very loose.
anyway, i am now having physiotherapy. the physiotherapist had said that physiotherapy cannot restore descent but can prevent its progress. she also said i shouldn't take up running. against her advice i ran 3 times last week. short bursts of 60 secs followed by 3 mins brisk walking, repeated 4 times.

Could use encouragment

I am a twenty two year old mother of one and have a prolapsed uterus that my midwife describes as "nearing 3rd degree". I first noticed that now familiar bulge when my daughter was ten months old. She'll be three in August, so I guess I have been struggling with this for almost two years now. I read STWW about a year ago, when my prolapse was not nearly as severe, but as a mother who is in school and also works, I found it difficut to engage in any serious lifestyle change. Especially since my husband and I seperated last year. It felt like I was in survival mode, and it was hard focus on my own health.

Pessary use and vaginal estrogen cream

Since I am post-menopausal my doctor says that I need to use vaginal estrogen cream to thicken the walls of my vagina so as to tolerate being fitted and then using a pessary on a daily basis. Does anyone have any experience with this? Thoughts? Pros and cons? Would lubricant work just as well? Does the vagina get overstretched by using a pessary, so that you have to address that in the future?

To Christine:

If I have to have this surgery for urethra diverticula, so you know how long the hospital stay is and what post recovery would be like? I am so very worried about all of this. I have a mass on my vaginal wall and the Dr suspects UD but he isn't for sure. They are doing a test on me on Monday and I go back to my Dr on Thursday to get the results. I know it probably won't be good because of the pain I have coming from my vaginal wall. I think the pain might be coming from the diverticula and I am sitting on it, causing it to be painful. He also mentioned a cyctele. I have not been sleeping at all because of this, in fact I have lost 5 pounds in 1 weeks because of not eating and worrying. I am so scared. I just hope and pray everything comes back ok. I have 5 kids to take care of and the youngest is only 5 months

prolapse, but have a perfect pelvic floor

Hi i am another newby to the site, an aussie mum. My son now is 4 years old, and after quickly reading some of the posts, thought i would put my situation out there and see what anyone else may think.
I lost a baby at 11 weeks gestation therefore needed a d and c, to take my very precious pregnancy away, yes it did devistate me at the time but i dealt with the grief and my loss and moved on, today as i said i have a healthy happy 4 year old, but his birth was tragic, my placenta was still attached underneath my sternum, unfortunately this was not noticed during any of my scans and there were several, due to the past history already described.

Helpful Resource!

Just wanted to let everyone know of another helpful non-profit resource:
HERS Foundation (Hysterectomy Educational Resources and Services Foundation).
They provide information about alternatives to hysterectomy - also deal with related pelvic issues. They have medical literature, phone counseling, newsletter, etc.

Please check it out:

I'm new

I just found this site. I have been experiencing prolapse for about 8 months, and my doctor (family physician) has told me that there are devices on the market, which for most part "don't work" indicating that surgery is probably iminent. I'd like to avoid that, if at all possible.
I'm 60, but in better health now, than I was in 30's, 40's and my 50's, due mainly to losign weight, better diet and regular weight-bearing exercises. Except, for this prolapse situation.
I'm hoping to learn a lot from the book and video mentioned available on this site.

Fascinating pilates class

I'm just back from a pilates workshop which focused on the pelvis. I was intrigued to see how the teacher would address the whole pelvic floor issue. Well, Christine would have loved it! We were examining the model skeleton of the female form they have in the studio, noting the curve at the base of the spine, and spent most of the class emphasising it, and learning how essential it is that we use that curve in our everyday lives to encourage the pelvis to strengthen in its natural position, rather than doing all that "lift and tuck" stuff that some exercise classes encourage. She even talked about imagining we had tails. I've always felt my pilates teachers know their stuff on female anatomy, but this was very much in tune with Christine's work. I'm going to pass on the details of Christine's website and book to her.

Just found out....

Hello all!

I just happened to stumble across this board a couple of days ago and find it to be pretty informative. =)

I am about five weeks postpartum with my first baby and have been dealing with a cystocele. I can feel it at the entrance of my vagina and wondering if this is considered "severe". I've been doing kegels but I don't feel it helping at all. I have my six weeks check up next week but I am so scared of what the doctor will say. I don't want to go through surgery, yet I don't want to have this uncomfortable feeling for the rest of my life.

I was also wondering what is this "posture book" that everyone is talking about and how do I get it??


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