Christine, a couple of questions for you:

1. First, I've been pondering the role that hormones play in the day to day experience of different symptoms of POP (specifically, the draggy days, where everything seems lower). Sometimes, almost magically, everything seems to "lift up" for some number of days, without necessarily any rhyme or reason. I know that hormonal balance is delicate and ever changing. Your thoughts?

2. I've been trying to envision exactly what it is that the postures do to reinstate the natural female design and pull up the organs that have prolapsed. I understand that in the natural design, the organs are protected in the front part of the body from intraabdominal pressure. What I'm having a hard time envisioning is how, once the organs have prolapsed, they are protected, or how working on the postures is physically helping with the prolapse.

Back from my Dr visit

Hi everyone. Well I went back to see the Dr today for the results of my test and they said I did not have urethra diverticula but I did have blocked skenes glands so they ended up having to open the glands up. Not a very fun thing to have done:(((((((((( My glands were so infected that I had an abcess that I had no idea I had. The Dr ended up cutting open the glands and draining it all out. He said I would have a hole in my glands for a few days until it healed ( which I have no idea how long that takes ) Now I am taking amoxcillin for a few days so I dont risk getting an infection, I'm still kinda worried about getting Toxic Shock Syndrome because they had to put gauze in me so the wound wouldn't get infected. He then went on to talk about my prolapsed uterus and I told him right away I wasn't interested in a hysterectomy but only natural cures. I go back to see him in a week to see if I am healing ok from that incision on my skenes glands. I am still wondering how I ended up in that position. Don't ever want to go through that pain again:))

sleeping positions

just wondered. which is best? sleeping on your back, your side or your tummy?
i have been trying to sleep on my right side because my womb is falling towards the left. i think i may try my tummy to see if this encourages the 777 axis that christine talks about.

Can anyone offer advice and or experience in having a pessary fitted?

I saw my physical therapist this morning. I have an all around pelvic floor weakness as well as probable nerve damage causing my prolapse. We have worked out a series of yoga and other floor exercises which are strengthening my pelvic floor and with that strength in place, I would now like to start running moderately again. I think a pessary might offer some good support while running and would like to explore being fitted. My PT couldn't recommend anyone in our area, but had the names of some doctors about 2 hours away. As I know that it can take a few different fittings, does anyone have any advise for me before I initiate this process? Any specific Q's you would ask when selecting a doctor?

Had My 8 Week Post Partum Appt. - Christine, Question

I had my pp appt yesterday – I’m just over 8 wks pp now. I told my doc about the bulge & she felt while I was laying down & bearing down. She said she felt no sign of a cystocele or rectocele & said my uterus was pretty high up there (perhaps higher because I wasn’t standing.) She recommended Kegels & thought that the vag. wall was just stretched as a result of birth (3 births) & that it could regain it’s tightness – well some of it – LOL!

This is pretty sad – my doc asked me to Kegel while she had her fingers inside of me & I did & she said, “okay, do it now” & I was!!!!! Guess my muscles could use a bit of a regular workout! Can someone explain how to do Kegels properly?

Breastfeeding and prolapse

I am almost four months postpartum (after my fourth child) and have a cystocele. I have been having treatment on a neotonus chair since I was five weeks postpartum to strengthen my pelvic floor muscles and there has been some improvement in my condition. However, I've been told that I am unlikely to completely recover until I stop breastfeeding. I'm nervous about stopping breastfeeding in case it actually makes no difference and then I have lost that precious experience with my baby, especially since I don't plan to have any more children. However, I'm finding it hard living with this condition and feeling that I'm missing out on being able to do the things I used to be able to do with my older children, like playing soccer.

new member

Hello to anyone.

I am a brand new member. Self-diagnosed with a stage 2 cystocele. Have not been to a doctor yet. What do you recommend I do first?

I am 56 years old.

d-mannose side effects?

Hi everyone,

I woke up with UTI symptoms at 2am and immediately took 2 teaspoons of D-mannose followed by one teaspoon two hours later, again two hours later, etc. The UTI symptoms VANISHED which is amazing to me. However, I feel really nauseated. Has anyone else had this problem?



Another newbie

Hello all. It is with great sadness that I join this group. Although, I am SO glad there is a group here to support all of us in this situation. I am now 8 weeks postpartum and noticed the significant bulge at about 3 weeks postpartum. I thought my uterus was prolapsing. At my 4 week check my dr. said he saw a small rectocele, but my uterus was "up where it is supposed to be, although loose". This did NOT explain the bulge, but it was clear that was all the info. he had for me. In my research and some self-examination as to it the bulge was anterior or posterior I have come to the conclusion I have at least a grade 2 cystocele. I saw my dr. at church the other day and told him about it - he said with absolutely no concern "oh - sure - it probably is a cystocele". He told me to wait until I am 3 months postpartum before worrying about it or seeing a urogynecologist (as I suggested to him).

still hurting

For a few weeks now I have had this bad pain coming from my vagina. I went and saw my Dr and he said I had enlarged skenes glands and thought I had a diverticula on my urethra. I had that test done on me yesterday and the 2 xray techs told me they did not see diverticula and that the xray looked ok. One of the tech had worked for a kidney center for 30 years, so I'm guessing she knew what she was talking about. In the meantime, I am still hurting bigtime. Those glands are still swollen and it hurts like heck to sit down. Its causing pain to radiate down my left leg and my joints are hurting. I myself think I have a bad infection and I need to be put on strong antibiotics. I also have a prolaspe ueterus and bladder and that just adds to the pain. I woke up this morning and took more Advil. I dont see the Dr until Tuesday afternoon. In the meantime, does anyone know what I should do? I have a refill on Keflex( I know Keflex is good for absesses and infections ). Should I call in the refill on the Keflex and start taking it until I see the Dr on Tuesday? I think I have an idea what caused it as well. I had a very bad itch and I itched and itched and then about 2 weeks later, I started having these problems. I think I let the infection get out of hand and now its time to bring out the bad boys of antibiotics. If anyone could offer me any advice, I would love to hear from you. I hate being in this much pain. I had to go and buy more Advil so I wouldnt run out of it. Hugs to all of you!!


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