yoni eggs and prolapse

Is it helpful to use yoni eggs if you already have a pelvic prolapse?

Healing Wounds on external prolapse

Has anyone had success with a topical treatment for tears or blisters? I have been using coconut oil for years but I do have a tear. It occasionally bloods a tiny bit when irritated. I saw the gyn yesterday and she offered up an obliteration solution. She also mentioned that it would not be good if I got an infection on my prolapse that would not be good. Honey seems messy to me, so would like another idea. Does anyone use antibacterial products from the drugstore as topicals? Has anyone had obliteration surgery?

Cleansing elder mom when stiff and takes long to comply to open legs

Learning curve where some caregivers want to force my mom to get up and other who say there is no rush. So i don't rush and go slow. Slow means that i have gentle discussions about the baby doll my mom sleeps with and that we have to move over to see her . That is how i get her to turn without opposing my getting her legs out of the bent knees position so that i can rinse her diaper area. The morning is so so slow.

WW pregnancy??

Hi there,

I just found out I’m pregnant! I remember seeing a whole women DVD about pregnancy & labor but now I can’t find it. What should I do? I really want to insure my proplaspes stays in good positions & I’m planing a gentle natural birth.

Also I would like to order a belt to wear during my pregnancy, is this a good idea?. What do you suggest? Should I get multiple sizes?

History: I prolapsed after my first child. After doing the whole women posture work two years later I am virtually symptom free.

Cystocele and Flying Long Distance

Hi, Happy New Year to you all!

I have a cystocele (grade 2), which was diagnosed about six months ago. I practice the WW posture as much as possible, and try to do the exercises regularly. Things are going pretty much ok, although some days are better than others. But, that's fine. I'm optimistic, and determined to improve my condition.

disabilities elderly that can not keep WW posture and bowel tricks eg Vit C, Mag Citrate, Mag Oxide, Prunes, electrolytes etc

Happy Holidays and hugs.
I'm trying to use vitamin C as an alternate laxative for my mom who might not be feeling peristalsis. Can someone tell me the characteristics of using Vit C and factors that effect it from working or not working.

Young man with rectoceles...where to begin

Hello all,

Stage 4 Rectocele


Tired ramblings


I'm not sure what I hope to achieve from this post. It's so difficult when no one can see me day to day but I feel like I must be doing something wrong as I am still struggling with back pain. It has improved some since I stopped over stretching but then complicated recently by what I think is an injury to a tendon near the base of my back which is painful particularly after sitting with crossed legs or sitting for long periods like at work.


Sorry, this might be a bit lengthy.
I am working hard to accept my cystocele and rectocele and to follow all of Christine's bodywork, yoga, and posture recommendations. I actually have about a 45 minute routine that I practice every morning.


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