Newly Diagnosed - Help


I just got back from the doctor with a diagnosis of uterine prolapse. I went in for a routine check up and this is what was discovered. I am so confused over this. I have never been pregnant and am in my late 20s. The thing is that I had no clue I had this. I don't recall have any pain or anything that would have indicated this. My menstrual cycle has been perfectly normal. Should I get a second opinion? Could I really have this with no symptoms?

Also, I was kind of shocked when my doctor told me. He explained what it was but I was in shock. I should have asked more questions but didn't think to. I just remember him saying it is not severe enough for surgery yet. If anyone can help I do have a few question. I read the frequently asked questions and they helped but I have more or may have missed something. I am pretty active. Can I still resume my normal activities such as skating, cycling, hiking, sit ups? When doing situps I was taugt to pull my navel to my spine, should i do them another way? Should I expect any symptoms or pain in the future? With the posture, do I just try to keep a curve in my back while standing? What is the proper way to sit at the office in a chair or on the sofa?

Hi! I'm glad you found this site. I'm kind of new here, myself, but have been learning a lot, and wanted to just offer you my thoughts and support. I think it is a good thing that he said it is mild, because that should mean there is a good chance that you can prevent it from getting worse, and perhaps never have any discomfort from it at all. You asked if you should get a second opinion - that never hurts.

Occasionally, even women who have no children can develop these kinds of problems, especially if they strain a lot with heavy lifting, or push hard with bowl movements when constipated. I used to do lots of sit ups, too, and my physical therapist explained that my strong abdominal muscles put too much force downwards when pushing - I had no idea that could happen. I do avoid situps and crunches now, because I've heard they can worsen things, as well as jarring motions, like jumping rope, etc. It took me a while to greive over losing those activities. But, lots of the women here do things like cycling, hiking, etc. with no problems, and walking and swimming are known to be very helpful. The important part really seems to be the posture. While I'm not an expert, I do think that keeping that lumbar curve in the back is important, but also be careful not to overextend it, and also take care to make sure that you press your shoulders down to keep your back broad, and to keep your knees soft instead of locked. Another important thing is to eat lots of fiber and drink lots of water so you will not get constipated and have to push. As far as sitting, you can do a search on the site and find some good suggestions there.

There are also other things that can be helpful in reversing or maintaining your condition. Some people have found kegel exercises helpful, but be cautious because they have to be done right, and by themselves are not a cure. I have found a great physical therapist who has been really helpful, and expects that my rectocele will improve a lot. If you can find one that specializes in women's pelvic issues, I would recommend going, at least for an evaluation. They can also help with posture and lots of other related issues. I think that you have done the right thing in seeking out information - this seems to be an issue where regular docs and gyns don't keep us as informed as we need to be. And, I think without the knowledge, things usually get worse. But, the more you learn and try to do for yourself, I think the better chances are that you can get back to where you don't have to worry about it. Just wanted to welcome you, and wish you the best. Hopefully, more good advice from other members will follow.

Take care, Glor