Lower back pain is worse after practicing the whole woman posture, what am I doing wrong?


Hi, I’m very new to the WW but have been practicing the posture as much as I can. I’ve always suffered from lower back pain and have worried that the sway back posture would acerbate it, which it seems to be doing. How do I practice the posture without creating lower back pain? I’ve always tucked the tail bone under to avoid lower back pain. Thank you.



I would say just make sure you aren't forcing it. Relax your belly and lift/open your chest, and the lumbar curvature will take care of itself. It shouldn't be painful, but it does require a period of adjustment for many at the beginning.....it's easy to overdo. Do you have any medical conditions or any surgical history that might be relevant? It sounds like you have some bad habits to overcome, at the very least; most of us did tuck our tailbones because that is one of the fallacies we grew up on (which greatly contributed to our prolapse). - Surviving

Thank you. No surgeries or conditions ... probably just bad habits. :D

Hi Magilicutti,
I agree with surviving; the forcing of the posture is what can sometimes causes us pain. I know I experienced that when first starting this work. I had to just relax into the posture as best as I could keeping all the elements in mind as I went, especially relaxing belly without pushing it out! Or, forcing the lumbar curve when it does come on its own in time.
You can also do some whole woman walking as that is the best time to really go over your posture principles.

Great Advice Aging gracefully. Thank you!