Urge incontinence


Hi all
I sometimes struggle to get to toilet in time to urinate. Sometimes fine, other times just make it.
I do whole woman kegels, just wondering if squats & lunges would help? Any other suggestions welcomed. Thanks


Hi Jenny, what kind of kegels are you doing? What Christine has sometimes described as "new kegels" are basically pelvic rocks as demonstrated in several of her videos. Which program(s) do you have? Are you familiar with the concept of Whole Woman posture? It is the foundation for everything we offer on this site, including Christine's incontinence program. Do a little more checking and come back here with your questions that relate to Whole Woman concepts. - Surviving

Watch this to get started:

Thanks Surviving60. I do the Whole Woman kegels & try to maintain the Whole Woman posture. Thanks for the video link. Interesting about the exercises - just started an exercise class, wondering if it's that good for me as a lot of it is about core strength & looked like some of the exercises Christine says I shouldn't be doing.