Correct Breathing


Hi, wonderful ladies,
I'me doing the WW Exercise Bundle and I'm a bit confused about 2 different breathing instructions. In the Fire Breathing we're breathing in moving the belly out and we're breathing out pulling the belly up.
In the first wheel exercise program the instruction for the pelvis circle exercise (knees and arms on the floor) I understood to breath out when we move the pelvic down (which would be also out) and breath in when we move up.
So my question is what the correct breathing is.
Thank you for helping me out here.

WW breathing never changes in any of our exercises or any of our products, although terms like in/out up/down can be confusing. When you breathe in the *midriff* (above navel, below breasts) moves out. When you breathe out the midriff passively moves back in. The rest of the abdominal wall simply follows the midriff, but the midriff leads.

In holding your body and breathing in this way, eventually your upper abdomen will be the leading edge of the abdominal wall, which is very beautiful and fits the Golden Ratio. In almost all women today - the midriff is pulled in and the lower belly is a little bit (or a lot!) too large. The lower belly should be behind the upper abdomen.

Have fun with the WW work!


Thank you so much for your quick response, Christine.
This is very helpful.
And thank you for helping us women to stay away from all the options
doctor's are offering!

What is a pelvic cise circle exercise?

Hi PrlsGrl,

These exercises are difficult to explain in writing. You can find all the favorite WW exercises in First Aid for Prolapse. We appreciate your support!


I still struggle how to do this. Is it the same sort of breathing as Hypopressives?

Hi Debbie, what WW video(s) are you working on, and what are you confused about? Please be more specific and we will try to help, but there are no better descriptions of posture and breathing than in Christine's products. - Surviving

Please read these discussions:

on the yoga 1st wheel (28 mins) for firebreathing Christine says on the inbreath life your tailbone as high as you can (picture of Christine with raised back and no hollow) and breath out through pursed lips as you pull your navel to your spine (in this the hollow in the back is showing) This is the bit I dont when in this position with belly low to the floor you pull you navel to the spine....i dont know how to do this. Am i sucking in my belly.

What she's describing are two different steps; Inhale (belly expands, tailbone is lifted), then exhale (pull navel to spine as you breathe out through pursed lips). If you're trying to do both at once, no wonder you are confused. - Surviving