What may the future hold


Hello, I’m fairly new to this whole scenario, I’m 38 and was diagnosed with a ‘moderately large’ cystocele in September 2018. Since then I have found myself a WW practitioner and purchased some of the learning material, exercises and 101 first aid. I’ve applied many WW protocols to my daily life and am slowly reaping the benefits of these. In fact this past month was my most comfortable since diagnosis. Some days, I feel 99% symptom free which is very encouraging.

Whilst I don’t want to worry too much about what the future holds, I’m wondering if anyone may be able to provide some insight into what I might expect down the track as I go through menopause etc. Is it certain that the prolapse will worsen? If I’m applying WW diligently now, will this set me up for a good looking future (prolapse wise)? Do the tissues supporting the bladder etc become thin and weak? Will the honey help? Does the uterus sit differently as we age? Will the menopause hormones in my body slacken the organs and vaginal walls or not? Sometimes prior to my period I feel that things are sitting much lower than I like, almost like everything has softened and relaxed. I think this is due to hormones. I’m wondering if menapause hormones replicate this, or could they actually help?

Apologies for all of the questions. It’s just been on mind. Would really appreciate any feedback, answers etc you may be able to offer.

Thank you.

Hi Sandstorma,
The hope is that after menopause as we continue with the whole woman posture and works that the uterus will shrink up as it is suppose to do, and most of our symptoms will be much less than before. Some of our long term members have reported that happening right here on the forum from their experience.
For some women who have never even heard of whole woman have come here after menopause with symptoms for the first time, and that is when their journey starts, but it is still doable.
I myself am still having periods at 56 years old, although I am really late with this last one, cross fingers, after a couple of months of really bad perimenopausal symptoms. I have the more severe uterine prolapse, so I am curious myself to see what happens with that.
Read around for more accounts; some interesting stuff on this forum.

i think all of us on here worry (worried?) about what the future will hold...
when this all started working for me I thought - hmmmm sure - it works NOW but what about when I'm 50? 60? 70?
and then I think - well, I may not even live that long eh?
so I'm your age - and I think about how lucky we are that this all happened to us now and not later (even though that's not at all how i felt for a long time). We are putting our organs, hips and bodies into perfect alignment for the years ahead... i think about the ladies on here who have been able to live with moderate symptoms and they started this work post menopause... so I figure i'm pretty lucky to be here now.
Christine responded to one of my posts a while back and she really put my mind at ease - basically - prolapse only gets so bad... especially cystocele.... sure it *may* turn into a grapefruit sized bulge but we can prevent that from happening. but other than that? i mean - you won't die from this... you won't be an invalid...
basically - none of us know what he future holds so there's no point in worrying.... right now - i'm doing so well that i'm not going to worry about all the 'what if's' because there are too many - around prolapse but also around everything else in life... if you're seeing results - be glad, thankful, and try not to worry about what will be.... but i'm so confident in this work now that i really do feel that i'll be fine no matter what happens with this.
I also think back to women living with this situation in years past with no help or guidance... and they just got on with things... we at least have tools to help!