Hi! Can POP mimic UTI symptoms? -(Newbie) :)


Thankful to have found this site yesterday; I truly appreciate this kind of approach, and have been reading around on the posts and am looking forward to the videos.

I'm 42 and have had 5 large babies naturally. I think all of my organs had begun to gradually prolapse and I could tell over time it was getting worse, but not really bothering me too much. Then 3.5 weeks ago I had abdominal surgery to repair a hernia and a severe diastis separation that was causing me back issues. I actually though it might help the prolapse a bit, as I know people who've had bladder problem improvement with similar surgeries. But I realize now (after reading on this site last night) why that was probably not going to be the case.

So I'm recovering quite well, but about a week ago my prolapse suddenly seemed to get much worse. I didn't usually have such a pronounced feeling there or things bulging so much that it's not as easy to urinate. But then the last few days I started feeling even worse, and realized it felt much like a UTI (which I haven't had in many years). Main symptom is the constant urgency feeling, but also just feeling unwell, not sleeping etc. Sitting is not as bad as trying to stand and move around. I read about emptying the bladder more fully and have been doing that now (though I know probably was too late).

All that to say, I had a urine test today and it was surprisingly negative for UTI (or anything else). She did prescribe me an antibiotic which I brought home but haven't taken yet, because I've had bad experiences with UTI/yeast/antibiotics and try to avoid if at all possible. But I really am feeling pretty awful. Any thoughts? Could I be feeling this badly just from the prolapse, is that common? And is there anything to do then just comfort-wise while I begin learning the exercises and such?

Thanks so much for any thoughts! It is hard to keep up with all my kids and work while feeling so bad (and my body still healing as well).

Hello. Sorry to hear you are not feeling well. I don’t know heaps about all of this but I do know that since I have been following many of the protocols associated with this work, I have had a significant improvement in my symptoms. In the very initial phase of my journey I was having significant UTI symptoms, always feeling like I needed to pee. Never feeling comfortable. My GYNURO tested for a nasty and uncommon bug called urea plasma parvum.The test for this bug is not routine and it does not show up in a standard urinalysis, I needed a special one ordered. I tested positive and took a 1 shot antibiotic to eradicate the bug. Whilst certainty not perfect, I have been feeling MUCH more comfortable ever since. I’m only 38. Had been diagnosed with a ‘moderately large’ cystocele. An operation was recommended. Since killing off that bug, applying honey twice daily and trying my hardest to be active, maintain posture, not sit on couch etc, exercises every night as recommended by my WW practitioner and in Christine’s videos, I’m SO much better than I was. Honestly, and while I very much doubt I would ever do anything stupid, there were a few points in my journey where I wondered how I was going to be able to navigate my way through the next (hopefully) many years of my life in SO much unrelenting discomfort. I had actually booked a surgery date to get everything fixed but something about this website and what Christine was saying in her videos just made so much sense to me. Best of luck to you xx

Thanks Sandstorma! That's really encouraging to hear how much this has helped you. I appreciate you sharing your story and insights with me. Great to hear the hope. How long did it take before you noticed significant difference with the exercises?

My first Skype meeting with a practitioner was in mid November last year. The last 4-5 weeks have been my most comfortable so far. Consistently comfortable. Probably 3 to 4 days of discomfort, many days of no symptoms. I track EVERYTHING to try and find any pattern. I record my % of comfort at the end of each day. Also when I have sex, ovulate, period etc. I try to walk for 30-50 mins probably 5 days per week. I never sit on the couch at home. When I’m having an uncomfortable day, I will refer back to the same time the previous month to see what I might expect to be feeling (where I am in my cycle). When you see consistent days of feeling good over a long period of time (as evidenced in my diary), it gives you hope on a bad day. I find this a huge mental game. On the days I’m feeling good down there, I’m my normal self - confident, happy, engaged in the world around me etc. When there is discomfort I’m cranky and overwhelmed and constantly thinking about it as I can feel sensations that aren’t nice. So, I’d say at least 4 months of hard work. Also, I suspect my body is holding the WW position more naturally now. I’m not constantly having to think about my posture. I know when it’s right and if I can feel uncomfortable stuff, I tweak my posture and can sometimes feel an immediate improvement. Also, I decided to not look down there. In the first weeks and months, I was looking downstairs all the time. I think I was waiting to see what was falling out. That was unhelpful behaviour.

Just read the above posts, and the end of the previous one made me laugh and smile. "Looking downstairs all the time waiting to see what was falling out." Yep, that's me too! S I N G I N G......."I Enjoy Being a Girl" (Westside Story) The truth is I truly thought all the "crap" of womanhood was over when I had a hyster in 1995. Not!