Moment of Positivity


I am new to forum today. I am 6 years post-hysterectomy, low on estrogen, osteopenia, scoliosis, hip pain, and a month ago discovered cystouretroceles. Went to pelvic floor PT twice over a couple of weeks, did her Kegel exercises, which I now see may have made things worse - also rode my bicycle which enlarged the prolapses, and then again, they enlarged, possibly after my weight routine. Then I found this site. I am so grateful, but have been all-consumed with the emotional turmoil, shock of this all, and been researching online 24/7. Today, I happened to stop at the library & came across a coffee table style book about Peter, Paul & Mary, with great stories and photos of their 50 year history. I sat down & read the whole thing right there at the library - not what I was planning on doing this afternoon (I was going to go home & start doing my new WW exercises) - but you know what? It was nice for a change - a little break in my craziness/obsession of this huge mess I find myself in and it was very uplifting book. Here is a quote from Mary Travers that I especially appreciated, that gave me a little light in all of this heaviness - reminded me of the small things that keep me going - like purple mountains & breezes - so I wanted to share it with you all: “Children remind us that love is simpler than adults make it , that life is full of beauty & some of it fills us with awe.” I hope it brings hope or cheer to someone else too!

I feel like I could've written what you wrote here... I remember well the first few weeks of absolute panic, fear and then research. Emotional turmoil and shock is right. Like you - I had to stop at some point. Just stop and go for a walk with my kids, go to see family and friends, go and get living again.
When I first found this out I skipped a few family events, I stopped moving, stopped eating, stopped everything for a while. I was glued to my phone and on the verge of tears at any moment of the day.
People around me thought I had post partum depression....
but then I thought of all of the other afflictions, health problems, operations, disabilities that people have to live with and have lived with and how I'll be OK.
I took a break from all online research and just lived for a week or so and I slowly came around to a place of peace and fear ebbed away. This site, the posture, all of that was a huge part - and then just getting my head out of my behind (literally - all I was thinking about was my nether region for months!) and looking around at the world and getting back to living.... looking at my beautiful kids, being thankful for all the gifts I have, enjoying life again, and not feeling broken.

thanks for the beautiful reminder abdie96 and welcome to the forum!

Hi abdie and thanks for an uplifting post! I don't know what resources you have, but do consider Christine's post-hyst program, as there are some important things to know about managing your life and your prolapse after hysterectomy. - Surviving