Feeling Overwhelmed


I don't know if I'm posting to the right forum. If I'm not could someone help me with that?

I'm feeling so overwhelmed and stressing. I came to this site almost a year ago and starting working on the firebreathing and posture. But life is so busy I got lazy and quit and now the prolapse seems to be worse than ever. What I need to know is how often and how long at a time do you do firebreathing? I've purchased the First Aid Video last year so I feel I'm doing firebreathing correctly. The posture is hard to remember when for almost 70 years I've been walking this way it's hard to change. Plus I have a shoulder issue and correct posture seems to irritate it. I try to remember but I go in and out of correct posture. I'm worried the prolapse is going to fall completely out. I don't know what kind I have as I haven't gone to a doctor as I try to stay away from them and I wouldn't have surgery anyway. How I wish I would have found this when I was in my 20's and I wouldn't be in this situation. Can someone please help me? Am I somewhat normal? I do jiggling on my elbows and knees and love how it goes back it but once I upright it's back out. Does it eventually stay in? I know every body is different so no one can say how long it will take or does it ever completely get better? Or do I just maintain what I already have?
I wanted to go the weekend this August with Christine but I couldn't make it work.
I will look forward to anyone commenting.

Many of us, myself included, discovered for ourselves that you cannot simply dabble in the WW work for awhile if you expect results. I have a feeling you already know this, since you've described the exact problem. It's extremely hard to break old posture habits, but until you do, and until you can make this posture your own, your results will be very limited. Many women never manage to get there, but I think you have a good chance of making it simply because you recognize the situation for what it is.

As for firebreathing, it's a useful tool when done correctly, whenever your symptoms are bad and the opportunity presents itself. Before and/or after toileting are good times. When you do it, try to increase your time up to several minutes when you can. But even a minute or two of firebreathing well-timed, can be a real boon. - Surviving

Hi Mamula, I am sure u r on the right track and we all have good days and bad days re prolapse. I certainly find if I am engrossed in something I actually forget I have prolapse . However I know Ihave to live with it and like u will never have an op. I do think that if u can walk for 30 mins 3 times a day in posture it will make a big difference. I have a large dog so that is my minimum walking each day! I did however dislocate my shoulder two years ago and was unable to risk walking for many winter weeks. My prolapse def got worse and still I work to get back to where I was . Like u I am nearly 70 but still very active and fit providing I can control my day ,my food,my sitting,my walking and my exercising! I had my posture checked by lovely UK WWoman tutor but was lucky as it was correct .I based it on learning from book and First Aid for Prolapse lessons and exercises.
The main thing I find with posture is to stand tall but then relax a little. Open the chest area is useful tip given above and then relax the lower tummy area,very tricky that! I notice that if I am anxious,worried or up tight at all the stomach contracts and prolapse worse. The exercises def make a difference too. Also I learnt here that lying down is neutral,sitting and slouching usually make things worse and self true for me. I am retired and if I am reading or watching TV or using iPad I lay down! It helps for me .
I also use the raw honey every day as suggested here,a small dab high in the vagina keeps the flora good! I use organic coconut oil too to stop chaffing especially on a long walk. The walk in posture is so important,certainly worth getting it right although strangely it is very straight forward once u have mastered it. Good luck!

Thank you so much for responding. It is so hard for me to take time for myself but it has come to the point that I have no choice anymore. I just must "do it".