I'm new here and am not sure if this is the right spot to post this question. (I have read the other posts about shoes, which were very helpful.) As an introduction, I am 69 y.o. and have pretty advanced cystocele. After over half a century of poor posture while diligently keeping up with aerobics and yoga, and 10 years of weight-lifting for osteoporosis, plus a bit of Pilates, I'm finding that keeping in posture is very challenging. (I've quit any oblique postures, such as in Pilates.)
I have to remind myself every second to do WW posture.

While walking toe first, what about the fact that running shoes are raised in the back, and thereby causing us, in reality, to walk flat-footed, or even toe first (even if the heel strikes first)? What are the best shoes for long walks, over both cement and rough ground? I live in a rainy climate, and open shoes are not an option for most of the year. I do have some old Rockports and some Swedish-type clogs. Are those flat-footed Ked's-type sneakers good? (They would not be too good in the rain though - would leak.) Should I throw my lovely Earth Shoes out? I'm on a very tight budget.

Please direct me if I've posted in the wrong place. I'm not too computer-savvy. Thank you.


Not the expert here, but I would say, of the choices you listed I would go for the minimal Keds-type sneakers. I'm not a fan of any type of running shoes as I feel kind of boxed in, like my toes don't have enough freedom of movement. If the Keds give you enough protection on the types of terrains you're walking on, then I think they're a good choice, even in the rain.....let's face it, if you're walking in the rain in shoes, your feet are going to get wet anyway, so you might as well be wearing shoes that will dry out quickly. I can see what you mean about the raised heel on some running shoes, but I don't see that as a big advantage; they aren't going to prevent you from hitting with your heel first (you have to be the one to do that).

I don't think you have to throw your Earth Shoes out....I had a few pairs of those in my day. But I wouldn't go for a posture walk wearing them! - Surviving

Your comments make good sense, and good point about Ked's sneakers drying out fast! Thank you.