Problems with urethra after bladder prolapse


Hello. It's been a while since I posted and I don't know if I'm doing it in the right place. I hope so. Anyway I had a prolapse about 3 months ago and thought it was uterine but as it turns out my bladder is the bigger issue. Im practicing WW posture and exercises. I started the red clover tea but it gave me headaches so I had to stop. I looked up the side effects to the tea and it said not to consume if you gave migraines. Which I do. Chronic. Anyway my real problem is this. Since the prolapse I have developed an irritation in my urethra (or pee hole to be more specific. I go through spells where I pee a lot and the more I pee the more irritated it feels. Like it's raw. I initially decided it might be interstitial cystitis after reading about that and have cut out all caffeine and as many acidic foods as I can. I find a lot of conflicting information on the acid foods. But as time goes on it seems like what really irritates that area is when I pee a lot and often. And I have noticed that sometimes I pee more than normal. And I don't mean just often but also a lot each time I go. When I cut back on water it seems to get better but then there is the concern of dehydration and uti. Also I continue to have the feeling of having to pee all the time, even right after I go. It's like as soon as more urine is made I instantly feel it against my urethra of somewhere in there. So I just leave it for awhile until when I press on my abdomen and feel it there, then I know my bladder is full. Im just never comfortable since this prolapse happened. It's Always something. I also notice that my pee hole is bigger.

Does anyone have a similar problem or have any thoughts on this?

There is no need to drink more water than what you need to quench your are not likely to get dehydrated unless you are out working and sweating in the hot sun all day. So if you are drinking a lot, cut back to just a normal amount and give your urinary tract a rest. You stated this helps. Give attention to your diet (you've mentioned IC in another post) and use WW posture and other tools to get the bladder and urethra better aligned. Make sure you are emptying completely. Bladder prolapse can make this more difficult but WW toileting practices will help. - Surviving

I have posted in the past about urethral caruncle. Maybe this is what you are experiencing. Just an idea... because you say your pee hole is enlarged. I think of caruncle as a sort of urethral prolapse.
Posture and raw honey has helped me with this issue. Good luck!