Urinary incontinence


When I need to quickly get to the bathroom, a feeling comes into my vagina like the feeling of a climax is building. Why is that?

I also get this feeling specially really strong in the morning when bladder is full, smetimes normally when trying to pass urine, and then there’s tears rolling down my eyes.

Not an uncommon feeling as our pelvic organs move against each other all the time, but once you get there, are you able to have a full flow of urine, or do you have incontinence getting there?

There are people that actually have sex with a full bladder for that heightened feeling, so the feeling itself is not an unusual one.

Can you tell us a little more about yourself and what prolapse symptoms you may be having? Are you also having incontinence issues? A little more information will help us to better help you.

I am so happy that I happen to find the Village. I do have urinary incontinence. I have been to five different doctors and nothing has helped. Sometimes my bladder pushes into my vagina. When I lie down it goes pack in place. Sex is perfectly wonderful. I have to wear incontinence underwear all the time. I have taken medication and that works but dry mouth and constipation are terrible.

Hi PrlsGrl,
Sometimes it's enough to just learn the basics of whole woman posture and the dynamics of proper breathing and pulling those pelvic organs into the lower belly and out of the vaginal space. For many, this is enough to also help with the incontinence, and we have programs for that. Basic and more thorough.
But, sometimes women need a little more help with the incontinence issue, so Christine created a separate urinary incontinence program that addresses this issue more specifically. Its a great program which includes these pee on\pee off exercises that are a fantastic feature.
All of Christine's programs are a great way of learning what you are going through and what to do about it.

I read that Vitamin C might help. So I took 1000mg for a couple of days and now today I had a BM that I couldn't control till I got to the bathroom. Twice. A second time was not as much as the first time. Maybe not do that again. And along with the vitamin C I was doing the posture most of the days and doing a couple of exercises several, many, times a day. I know, shouldn't do several things so I know what is doing what. But, it's difficult for me to change the way I do things and I have been this way for 88 years.

Maybe it wasn't the vitamin C or the posture, or the excercises. Maybe it was something I ate or whatever but I have never had a BM like those two today. Any thoughts on this ?

The posture and exercises works best when it becomes part of your daily routine. It doesn't matter how much you do at first, but that you continue to do it until it becomes a natural habit. Just don't overdo and hurt yourself! Ease into it.
Not sure about the vitamin C; it could have very well have had a laxative affect on you.

Ya, I just looked it up. Vitamin C In high doses can have a laxative affect. 60 mg is suggested for a daily dose.

Yes, I think it was the Vitamin C. I tend to overdo whatever I am doing. But, at 88 I suppose it is a bit late to change my way of doing anything!