what am I doing wrong?


Hello, I am happy that I have found this wonderful pages...I live according to WW for 3-4 months (I bought book and have 3 online courses). I have cystocele (now 2nd stage) and now also for 4 months uterus prolaps, everything is getting worse . I am 13 months post partum (prolaps occure 6 week after delivery - 1st stage of cystocele, hypermobile urethra). My baby is heavier and heavier and I have to lift her up, carry, squat....
Daily I go with pram for 4 miles in posture (I hope in correct way). I do nauli 2 times a day. After firebreathing and sitting or laying on the floor I have worse symptoms. My symptoms are frequent urine - when I for example sit cross leg on the floor and than stand up I have urge to urine, when I lean forward I get urge to urine, when I squat I have to go urine,.. etc...and also I have heaviness in vagina.
After orgasms my uterine prolaps and frequent urine occure.
I usualy sleep on right side, pillow between knees...
I perhaps have no idea how to do firebreathing correctly (appendix two in book and video, discussion I know by memory), because after it (also when I do it on 4) my prolaps is bigger.
And toiletting - I do it according to the picture on page 120 in the book, but after urine I have bigger prolaps too. What am I doing wrong? - bad angles (smaller acute angle when lean) ?
And general question how I could be 100% sure that my lumbar curve is in place (when I am standing, walking, toiletting)?
When I am in posture should I feel small tension in abdomen because of lift chest, still try to have relax belly?
When I eat or read, etc.. it is impossible to pull my head up, how you solve this?

And please, how to pick up baby correctly from the floor (after squat I have to go urine)?

Please, belive me that these 4 months I still concentrate on WW posture and have these result :-(..very depressive...

Thank you very much for your hepl..

Hi Belly,
It would be hard for us to say what you are doing wrong, since we can't see you doing it. I would suggest a consult or skype with one of our practitioners as she would then be able to evaluate your posture and what you have been doing, and give you some insight on how to proceed.

Maybe some of our postpartum moms can come on and give some more advice also.

hi belly - i'm thinking aging gracefully is right - you might have to do a skype consult. From my long hours of reading this site - there are many women who see very slow progress with this work, and many who see quick results... there are also setbacks that happen after doing well for days or weeks at a time...so slow progress can be very normal... but it really shouldn't be progressively worse....

so let's see - are you having any times that you feel better/less symptoms? I think the key is finding patterns - is there any time you feel fewer symptoms?
also don't even worry about the grades of prolapse - or that you now have uterus prolapse too... I started here with a cystocele and then found that I also have rectocele... I also felt my cervix once (back when i went looking) and I've never been able to feel my cervix in my life so that scared me... but i remember that our organs are moving all the time - a grade 2 can be a grade 3 or 1 depending on the day, your posture etc. and i don't think i've come across many women on here who only have a prolapse of 1 organ... so this prolapse business is really about all of the various prolapses that can occur.

And I'm not qualified to give advice I don't think - but I would say maybe hold off on the 4 mile walks until you know for sure your posture is correct... I would think pushing a pram in incorrect posture for 4 miles might make things worse.

Like you - my baby is heavy now and needs a lot of carrying. He's 26 or 27 lbs (!!) and he's 10 months old. I feel lately that I'm having more symptoms than I should be... I end up holding him on a hip often so that I can get stuff done and while I'm still pulling up my chest when I do this, I'm also jutting out a hip - this isn't good. there's also so much bending over to grab him because he's pulling himself up a lot and starting to explore the house so i feel like i'm falling backwards a bit with my posture. this whole posture was easier when I could hold him to my chest and he weighed 12lbs and didn't move much.
at the same time, i've started doing some of the exercises... so for a while i thought - hm - the exercises are making me feel a little worse... and it's more likely to be carrying/bending/lifting my big fat baby.
Another thing to remember is that a lot of women start seeing big improvements in the 2nd year post partum - and some on here have speculated that it could be because your baby starts walking, there's a lot less carrying going on, etc... so don't despair :)

The urge to urinate when bending forward/standing up might be because you're not emptying completely. make sure you empty completely as often as you can - even if this means you pee in the shower on all 4s throughout the day (if you're home).
but anyway - try to find some patterns on when you feel better and when you feel worse and aim to avoid the thing that make you feel worse.

Thank you very much for your words and encouragement. After 8 months I felt great, now I know that it was because my baby was lightweight and no bending, lifting. And I also do not need stand up from the floor - still I do not have the key how to stand up from the floor in posture correctly? I have also still problems with posture at dishwasher, washing maschine,..etc because after these activities I feel worse...

Typicalme please, how you check that your lumbar curve is in place?
And when you put up your chest do you feel small tension in abdomen?
Thank you so much....

well, that's some good news! after 8 months you felt great... and i think we CAN lift and bend and carry our heavy babies - if we do it right!
standing up from the floor is hard for me too - especially since that's something i tend to do fast since a baby's on the move or reaching for something or about to fall etc etc
i try to get up on one foot in front of me, other knee on the floor (like someone proposing marriage) and then standing up, or I try to get up on both feet, knees deeply bent, legs apart and turned out, and then stand up using my leg muscles. but again - i can only do this when I'm focusing and concentrating.

washing dishes - i'm tall so I tend to want to bend forward - so i spread my legs out wide and try to keep chest lifted and look down with my eyes instead of bending my whole head forward.
washing machine - i spread my legs out, turn out my toes, bend my knees a bit and lean forward at the hips trying to keep chest lifted and lumbar curve in place.... and i stay like that while moving just my arms... and bend forward more if clothes are on the floor but keep everything else pretty still. like a sumo wrestler kinda... i've been looking at sumo wrestler pictures and they seem to be very whole woman posture friendly - their backs have lumbar curve and their chests are lifted even when they're close to the ground.

and a huge caveat here - I'm not sure all of what I do is completely ww posture correct! (in fact if anyone more seasoned sees any red flags please let me know) but these are just ways I've either found on this site or things i've done in my day to day life - and so far it seems to be working so I'm going with it.

I always felt like I didn't have a big lumbar curve - my back seemed very straight my whole life. when I started this - I was exaggerating my lumbar curve - i was basically sticking out my butt more than I needed to. as far as prolapse goes - I believe exaggerating the lumbar curve is better than tucking - but as far as your back health and ww posture - it's not the way to go... the lovely women here have said many times that you really don't have to do anything special about holding the lumbar curve - lifting your chest will make it happen naturally.
when I lift my chest i don't really feel anything in my abdomen, no... but if i poke around under my layer of stomach fat, the muscles below are taut.

I'm constantly tweaking tho - so I recently realized I've been locking my knees...i'm trying to break that habit but that's a tough one! i feel like i'm either locked knees or bent knees - i can't seem to find the right spot....
and i'm constantly trying to remember to breathe from my diaphragm... just now I'm focusing on diaphragm breathing as I write this, but I don't know that I've been doing that all morning... especially rushing around the house trying to get out the door to work. it's a constant work in progress...
some parts are second nature now - i never recline back on any chair anymore, i even keep a lot of my back off the seat in the car for a lot of my drive. I always sit up at work now, the back of the chair is only touching my butt, the rest of me is pulled up by the back of my head... walking I've got down pretty well... but there's definitely a lot of stuff I still need to work on...

Just a quick reminder for Belly - yes, the lumbar curve need not be forced and will take care of itself, if you lift your chest......but only if the belly is relaxed at the same time. The abdomen will be pulled up, never pulled in. - Surviving

Your explanation is always so perfect and useful! Thank you so so much...I still make mistakes when I do not concentrate on WW or in hurry - especially I lean forward at waist not at the hips, when I am sitting I little bit lean forward after while, lift up shoulders, poke my chin out...I am still working on my posture..Now I found out that probably when I lift my chest I feel tension in my abdomen because I am sticking out my butt more (automaticaly when I am walking with pram) and I breathe from my diaphragm very DEEP to pulled up my abdomen - not naturally...I also try to find correct position for knees to be not forward bend or backward bend during walking (my check is urgent urine), or how to step on the foot...
Thank you once more...

Thank you Surviving, too....