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Hi everyone,
Is there any specifications to how we should sleep as in can we sleep on our right, left side, on or stomach, or should we only sleep on our back?pillow or no pillow?
Also I have nasal allergies so lot of sneezing but I massage my nose a little when I feel like it and it stops. Is there anything wrong with that?


You can lie down in any position, because there is no intraabdominal pressure to worry about. It is when we are up and about that the intraabdominal pressure comes into play. This is the time we really need to be working on our posture and breathing drawing those pelvic organs into the lower belly and out of the vaginal space.
Sneezing can be a tough one; we have posts from many of our ladies who have gotten creative during a sneeze, as in bending over, or sitting up in strong ww posture during a sneeze. Key in sneezing in the search box to find more suggestions.

Thank you so much, and I am sorry about bothering you with so many stupid questions.

hi pianist - there are no stupid questions.... we all have so many questions all the time! and posting them helps everyone since we're at at different points.
If you search in the search bar you will find a lot of info on coughing, sneezing, etc. I used to do a kegel when sneezing or coughing but I've stopped doing that...
crossing your legs and bending forward to sneeze can be good (picture closing off your pelvis from side to side like elevator doors).
Most recently I went through strep throat of some sort - lots of itchy throat, lots of coughing. I found the best way for me to cough (and sneeze if i can catch it in time) is to pull up my chest and simultaneously pull up my tailbone as far as I can - really exaggerated - and then cough or sneeze... everything down below feels very secure when I do this...

Thank you so much for taking the time to go through my post and respond. Your tips are valuable and I will definitely implement in demanding situations. I like the idea of pulling up. There are situations when you can’t sit.

Hi Pianist,
Violent, loud, and prolonged bouts of sneezing has been a long-term management issue for me. There is hope with WW for any bodily issue I have found...
Basically I direct each sneeze forward toward the lower belly, so that the force is in front not down. I am able to do that better and better over the years of doing WW and having re-stretched the fascia and muscles in my torso.
I am working on the force of my sneeze and seeing if it can be tempered, as sometimes my front muscles cramp up after a sneeze.
Standing strongly in the posture, as advised in the posts above, for me is the best way that I find to direct a sneeze. Sitting initially as a WW newbie helped in the beginning and that is not always possible, but I still try to direct each sneeze as described above in whatever position I am in.
I will observe how I do things today and will let you know any further insights.

All the best,
Aussie Soul Sister

Aussie soul sister
So basically we’ll make the things that work against us to work for us.
Thank you so much. Sure please do let know it will guide me.

Hi Piano, I did some sneezing yesterday and standing strongly in the posture is most effective, as well as when blowing ones nose. I could feel the sneeze at the wall of my belly and at the same time an elastic band tightening effect forward and lengthwise along each side of my vulva, and no downward pressure there.
Sitting can be done, but I find for bending over doesn't help me, as the pressure created downward force. I will be experimenting with being less forceful with sneezing and nose blowing - thanks for the reminder.
All this can be overwhelming, however plod along with it, and over time your body will tell you or you will get a reminder like you just gave me. I think that if we ever choke or cough the same direction of the intra abdominal pressure created can be adopted... next observation, though I may have been doing that one automatically... I you see how important body awareness is? :)

All the best,
Aussie Soul Sister