Tilted uterus or prolapse


I just typed out a long question on my phone, and lost it somehow. So I am going to make this post short. Is it possible that I really have a prolapsed uterus when my OB/GYN said that I have a tilted uterus? I am three years past menopause and I know I have a prolapsed bladder.

Hi Kaia,
I was told that I had a tilted uterus early on, but didn't have a full on uterine prolapse until much later in life. Years of slouching in soft furniture, heavy lifting, and bad posture helped mine along, unfortunately. But, with Christine's wonderful work, I am beyond worrying about any of this, because I now have the tools to help alleviate my prolapse symptoms.
Can you tell us what symptoms you are experiencing, and a little more about yourself?

I am 48. I have not had a cycle in 3 years. I had endometriosis and infertility. I discovered I had a bladder prolapse two years ago. My doctor said my cervix looked high yesterday, but I was lying down, so how would she know? Recently, (last 6 months) sex has been very painful. I thought that it was dryness, but we worked on that we lube and me taking supplements like red clover and I think that helped. But I asked him to not go beyond where I hurt and he was only able to go 1/2 in he said without me being in pain. So disappointing. I try to do the WW posture.

Hi Kaia,
Not sure what is going on there, but generally our prolapses move out of the way during sex, and good lubrication helps that along. So, if it is not a dryness issue, could the endometriosis have a part in this? I am certainly not an expert in this area; I just know that sex has been one of the best things to get my severely prolapsed uterus up and over the pubic bone without issue.
You could try the honey daily to create a better vaginal environment overall.

Otherwise, a consult with Christine, or maybe someone else will come along who can give you some more advice.

I'm having a hard time figuring out where you are in the learning curve of Whole Woman posture, and that's even after reading through your older posts. Have you managed to make the posture a natural part of your life, or do you still struggle with doing it correctly and without conscious thought? Do you use the other tools like firebreathing? Do you lift, carry, and use the toilet in good WW form? Are you using the honey that has been suggested numerous times for post-menopausal vaginal health and comfort? There is such a wealth of information in the Whole Woman arsenal that will have positive effects on every aspect of your life. Getting those organs into proper alignment is where it all starts. Let us know. - Surviving