painful rectocele


hello everyone
i have a rectocele. theres a slight bulge in my vagina which i dont have to push to empty bowels but its very painful towards my hips sometimes in tailbone and the left leg also. though i also have a cystocele right at the entrance of my vagina but thats non symptomatic.
i have boght the first aid for prelapse . ive been trying some excercises but i am still very confused if i am doing those right. can someone give some tips to ease the rectal and tailbone pain.
my previous post got no response but i am still very hopeful.
thanks in advance

Hi Pianist,
Pain is not usually associated with prolapse, but the hip and leg pain could be that your body is actually out of its natural alignment which is the same as the ww posture. I had chronic hip pain, and even went to a chiropractor for many years, but after working on getting my natural posture back with the whole woman work, that is largely gone.

As far as the exercises go, just keep working on them until you can understand them better. A really good investment into the exercise bundle would be a good idea in addition. You can also just do whole woman walking working on all those posture principles as you go. Christine is going to be coming out with an additional module for the first aid video that will have some very helpful tools to help you along.
The book is no longer in print at this time in answer your previous question.
I personally don't know anything about how a musicians hold their bodies, but you should try to hold posture no matter what you are doing to the best of your ability.
This work really does require time and patience as well as fully throwing yourself into it. You will find as you go along little changes at first but, the more you do it, the more relief of your symptoms you will have.

Aging gracefully
Thank you so much it’s only been a few days since I found this. I find myself correcting a few things in my posture every day, after watching the Video again and again. I guess everything from my toes to my head was wrong. The hip and leg pain Could also be because of sitting in a different posture throughout the day I guess. But the rectal pain and pressure is there keeps coming and going.
Anyway the toilet posture has helped me a lot in emptying my bladder and I will continue to improve my posture everyday with the help of videos. Thank you for your suggestions I will look into the excercises bundle. Also I wanted to know in which bundle can i find nauli kriya and firebreathing.

Yes, nauli and firebreathing are in these videos, but as I have said previously, Christine is going to be adding that 5th module to the First Aid video, and it will include these also.
And, I would have to say that firebreathing, nauli, and all the other additional tools featured in all these videos were a great help to me. I don't think I would have been as successful without them, plus, I really enjoy the exercises as part of my daily routine. They give me such a good stretching as well as shaping, so a good investment overall.

Aging gracefully
Thank you so much. I will definitely look into those.