Cystocele and rectocele at 28 no delivery


Hi I am new here.My cytocl is just at the entrance and rectocele above somewhere if am correct.I have bought the fundamentals and the first aid for prolapse and have watched the first aid series.Is there anything that I can do to reduce the pain around my rectum?I read somewhere about the nauli kriya will that also be added to the first aid kit?Also I read in a lot of posts about a book, is this same that of the first aid kit.?
i am a musician and one of my major concern regarding the Posture is how will I play the piano with pedal and the guitar. Please let me know if there’s any way i can resume these two. looking for some help and suggestions.

Hi Pianist,
I needed some pondering time to recall some things which would hopefully be helpful.
I have played instruments in my life well before WW.
Recently I have revisited this interest and am following and collecting music on youtube which does show posture!
Very few people are NOT bent forward permanently no matter what they are doing, and musicians are no exception!
Seating is the same in any activity relating to WWP.
I had a quick look at google to see what came up with guitar posture, though I picked some issues straight away.
With any seating the chair or seating surface should place your feet flat on the floor. The seat if possible should be parallel to the floor ( many slope down and back), and your knees should not rest higher than your hips. You will learn to sit with the strength of your own torso, not reclining if you have a chair back as they usually slope as well! This posture also strengthens your shoulder girdle - useful for a musician.

As for the foot pedals, the up and down movement could strain and cause pain in the hips, perhaps like pedals in a car. Before people sat on furniture, they did a lot of work with their hips turned out. We sit reclined in soft furniture and our hips don't get that kind of external rotation anymore. At the end of this post I will tell you what I did about my hip pain and instability.

Place music if you need it, so that it can be read without bending your neck or head to read it.
Any forward artistic expression movement while playing over the keyboard could be done while hinging at the hips, keeping the lower back curve.
Playing the guitar has the same seating requirement, or you could stand in the posture.
I learned the fundamentals of the posture and experimented with all the activities I do and I would be a better musician now because of what I have learned.

I did use Christine's hips program once I had been in the posture a while and knew the fundamentals of WWP and how to apply it to anything.
Any pain that I had has been resolved - this is how holistic Christine's approach is!

There was a cello player called Ms Nightingale on the forum a bit after I joined and it may be helpful to read one of her posts, where Christine answers her question about sitting.

All the best,
Aussie Soul Sister

Aussie soul sister
Your suggestions are valuable thank you so much.
Though cello is different than piano I found this on the forum about piano
Here Cristine says that you should sit at the right angle, by that I’m guessing your thighs should be parallel to the floor and of course your back in WW posture? Please correct me if am wrong.I could not find anything about the use of the pedal
I will totally follow your suggestions for the guitar.
The hip pain is not exactly in hip as in I don’t know a lot of medical terms but it comes and goes with anal pressure. Anal pressure has started from 5-6 days. Now I am wondering if it is anal fissure because there was burning sensation in the anus after pooping this morning and i had not eaten anything spicy the day earlier. It was fine for 2 days in between but yesterday I could not empty my bowels and it has came back. today it’s better than yesterday but still there’s shooting pain in my anus all day long.
May be I need to splint like I’ve read many ladies do, but I can’t move my hand in the opposite direction even when i am standing straight. in the toilet ww posture I will try tomorrow but I don’t think it will happen.
One more thing i am spending most of time sitting in posture on my bed these days after every 15 minutes or so I lie down to ease myself and then get up again....I am doing this process a lot and I am not clear about the process of lying down and getting up. I would be really grateful if you can throw some light on that.

I think the easiest way to get up from a lying down position, without strain on the pelvic organs, is to roll to your side first.

Standing and walking in excellent Whole Woman posture will do more for your symptoms than any amount of lying down. Posture, gravity, and the force of your breath will pin the organs over the pubic bones and get them out of the vaginal space. But this doesn't happen overnight. Old habits are hard to change. - Surviving

Actually I was under the impression that you should stand or walk less because of the force of gravity that pulls the organs down. Thank you for clearing. I will walk more now in the posture.
The pain has subsided it was because of constipation I guess.

Whole Woman teaches us that the organs have fallen back, not down. Our job is to keep them forward in the hollow of the relaxed lower belly. Please do start studying the WW concepts and applying them to your daily life. - Surviving

Dear surviving
Thank you for your input yes I’ve been reading and walking in posture a lot since last 2-3 days. There’s pain in legs below knees and shoulders now which I think is natural body will take some time to adjust to newer ways.
I am having some difficulty in breathing from the mid riff but Keeping a relaxed lower belly is the toughest part of all, I have to concentrate a lot to do that specially while walking.