Incontinence & Prolapse


Hello ladies,
I'm so glad that I can ask you on this forum and hear from my more experienced sisters.
Did you notice that incontinence diminishes with the First Aid Prolapse exercise bundle program or do you suggest to get the WW Solution to Incontinence? I live on a budget so I have to choose wisely what to order.
Thank you so much for sharing your experience.

Whole Woman posture and movement is the basis for all our work, regardless of what your particular concerns may be. So, yes, incontinence should diminish the more you follow the principles and build them into all aspects of your day. The incontinence program does have a very unique workout designed to target that particular issue. Remember there's a good sale going on at the moment. Here are the details, in case you didn't get the emails:

Thank you for your response, I'll check it out.