Exercise substitution in FAFP


That one exercise in the FAFP exercise routine where you sit in a chair and place a pillow between your knees and raise the knees is very challenging for me in so many ways. I still can’t get good form and my vaginal discomfort in some times of the month makes it to where the whole exercise is not working for me in any of the chairs I have in my home. Is there a substitution exercise that I could do that would accomplish the same goals? Thank you very much for reading.


I myself don't have any specific suggestions, other than to simply skip any particular move that isn't comfortable or doesn't feel right. Christine gives us plenty of variety in her workout moves. I'm not as flexible as Christine, and there are a few things she does that I can't do without a feeling of strain in the organs. I think this can be overcome with time and practice (in my case). If something feels wrong - just avoid it. - Surviving

i must have the old FAFP because that move does not ring a bell. I need to get the new bundle (side question - if I already have the old FAFP is there a discount applied when I try to purchase the new FAFP? I seem to remember that was the case when the new videos came out but I'm not sure if I read that right...)

As an alternative to the exercise move you mention above (and I'm no expert by any means but just thinking out loud here) perhaps try raising only 1 leg at a time with no pillow? I would think the same muscles would be used (albeit one side at a time) until you build up the strength to do both...

The new FAFP does have a different workout than the old FAFP (it's actually an older workout on the new product). I don't know if they are offering any discounts on the new FAFP for people who have the old. That would be a question for Lanny in customer service. If nothing else, there is a 20% sale going on through July 4th (coupon code "Mid-Year") if you want to own both. - Surviving

How do you know what's on sale? If it was sent by email, how do you sign up for the emails? I've tried to sign up several times but I never receive them.


Hi Perla - there was an e-mail sent, but it was incomplete and there will be another one clarifying it. The sale includes everything except Joy of Menopause, WW Works, intensives, workshops and practitioner training. It is 20% off through midnight July 4th, and the coupon code is "Mid-Year".

Contact Lanny in Customer Service (see "Contact Us" tab above) to get yourself on the mailing list. - Surviving

thank you ladies for your responses. Yes, typicalme, I have the new FAFP. The workout is different than the older FAFP, though the workout is actually an older one from the past as far as I understand.

Yes, Christine does have us lift one knee at a time as well. So, just doing more of that movement is an option. The exercise I am having a hard time performing is called " vertical knee raises ", and then the lifting of one knee at a time is called " external oblique lifts ". I decided to try performing the vertical knee raises in a rotated position, flat on my back on the floor....but making sure to have my knees start at a right angle to my body so that I don't do any exercise in an obtuse angle. In other words, I think it would undo pelvic support to start with my feet on the floor and go all the way up to my body. So, I just start with my knees at a right angle to my torso. I am not sure what to do with my breath. I THINK I am supposed to breathe in when I bring my knees towards my chest because that feels natural and is helping me with the exertion. But I don't know for sure! I think this is safe and should be effective though I'm not really sure. I am hoping someone who regularly does this workout or others will chime in with an opinion on this.

I really must say that this workout is unique. It seems to be building strength in my body but it does so in a relaxing way that seems to leave me feeling better in general aches and pains. Currently I have a terrible crick in my next and pain in my mid back from sleeping in a bad posittion and I feel better after my workout today.

Thank you for your words about avoiding anything that doesn’t feel right. That’s excellent advise.